Annual Report: Regaining the Offense on Marriage

Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone and
Santa Clara County co-chair and emcee
Augusto G. opened the "Regaining the
Offense on Marriage" Training in Fremont,
August 1.

In "Our Family’s" Year-End Letter,
Volunteers and Donors are the Stars

In several recent conversations with CCG supporters, I have been astounded that many regular donors and subscribers to our e-mails still do not seem aware of the magnitude of the amazing formation and training programs we have developed and the phenomenal results we are seeing. I feel like I have been shouting this great news from the mountaintops! But our team’s success this past year and our strategy for building on that success bears repeating until every Catholic concerned about the future of marriage and the family has been invited to join and participate with the committed, trained leadership team that is growing every day throughout California, and hopefully soon, across the country.

To that end, we are making our year-end report available to you on our website. It is a time for great hope as the long-term effort to regain the offense on marriage has begun. Read this with pride. You are the stars of "our family’s" year-end letter. Rather than the usual letter recounting who got braces, who graduated from 8th grade, and what the dog has been doing (all lovely!), we share with you concrete success stories of people taking what they learned in the trainings and putting it into practice to build the team that will transform the culture.

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Stand with Children Progress on Marriage

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We all know that marriage and the family, the foundation of society and the first school of love, peace and justice are under attack. In 2009, voters turned back same-sex "marriage" in Maine after the legislature and governor had legalized it. Marriage advocates were also successful in defeating attempts to pass it in New York and New Jersey legislatures. However, the Washington, DC city council overwhelmingly passed same-sex "marriage" and the city's election board has tried to squelch a Prop 8-like initiative on the basis that any initiative supporting traditional marriage would violate the District's Human Right Act by discriminating against gays and lesbians. Their decision will be challenged in Federal court on January 6. At the same time we are gearing up for the trial in the latest suit to overturn Prop 8 in California, which will begin in San Francisco on January 11.

Remember, even while we celebrate the victories, same-sex "marriage" battles are only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Indeed, changes in laws, public indoctrination, and cultural pressure have already had an effect on redefining marriage in the minds of many as merely a life-style choice for the benefit of adults. Marriage has largely been disconnected from the interests of children with staggering consequences. Currently, four out of ten children are born outside of marriage, and the social consequences of fatherless homes are having disastrous effects on the lives of millions.

At the same time, advocates for traditional marriage and the family are increasingly coming under attack by “gay rights” advocates and their allies, and many are suffering from real persecution related to their jobs or businesses.

CCG Fresno County Co-Chairs Alice E., Christina L.,
and Mary and Dave C. recruit Stand with Children
volunteers at a Fresno Diocesan Congress.

Because of this crisis, Catholics for the Common Good Institute's board has made the promotion of the centrality and integrity of marriage for children and society the top priority for the movement. Defending or protecting marriage only slows its decline under the weight of relentless attacks, and makes marriage supporters vulnerable to persecution. It is critical to go on the offense, and promote traditional marriage with new tactics and new approaches.

CCGI’s program, Stand with Children, focuses on the fact that there are actually two conflicting definitions of marriage. One, traditional marriage, links a man and a woman with children that come from the union; the other, a “redefined marriage”, is merely a public committed relationship for the benefit of adults. The debate must be focused on the public interest of each alternative. This clarifies the stakes and the interest for each side, and moves the debate away from issues related to homosexual life styles.

Instead, Stand with Children presents marriage and the family as imperatives of social justice based on the common interest of every child without exception in the marriage of their parents. Considering evidence of the impediments to human development caused by marriage breakdown, the choice then becomes clear – the common interest of every child without exception versus the private interest of selected adults.

For rebuilding cultural support for traditional marriage and the family, it is not enough to train people to recite messages or merely embrace an ideology. Formation and personal conversion are critical to the new evangelization, and therefore the evangelization of culture. CCGI has developed a curriculum that integrates catechesis on the lay vocation, principles of social doctrine, and spiritual formation with their practical applications for the family and the public square.

The progress reflected in the year-end report highlights what a small but determined group of people, working with a minuscule budget can do.

Each of you contributed to our mission in some way—whether through attending a training, becoming a regional leader, supporting CCG financially, acting on an action alert, or joining our prayer campaigns—we could not have had this level of success without you.

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