Marriage and Prop 8 Go On Trial in San Francisco

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Trial Could Determine Future of Marriage in U.S.

by Bill May

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The greatest threat against Prop 8 and traditional marriage so far is a trial, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, that starts in Federal District Court in San Francisco on Monday, January 11. It is not only an attack on the initiative passed by voters last year, but an attack on the supporters themselves. Plaintiffs claim that there is no rational reason to preserve marriage as between a man and a woman except hatred or bigotry. This case will likely go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and has the potential of forcing same-sex “marriage” not only on California, but on the entire nation.

Chief U.S. District Judge, Vaughn Walker
Chief Judge
Vaughn Walker

The plaintiffs (challengers) have served me with a subpoena requiring me to testify as the Chair of, the lay Catholic coalition in support of Prop 8. If they actually put me on the stand, I am sure they will try to make me and our entire team out to be religious bigots.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker is permitting TV cameras in this Federal courtroom for the first time ever. This move supports the public relations strategy of the proponents of same-sex "marriage", and will be intimidating to witnesses. They plan to post the proceedings on YouTube daily, opening the testimony to all kinds of editing, misuse, and abuse to further the cause of same-sex "marriage" proponents.

As legal analyst and President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Ed Whelan has said, "An apparent purpose—and surely the obvious effect—of the show trial that [Chief Judge Vaughn] Walker is staging is to make Proposition 8's sponsors pay as high a price as possible for their exercise of their First Amendment rights."

We have sought legal counsel to protect the interests of the entire CCG team. The trial will take at least two weeks and could last a month.

Prayer and Fasting

In light of this momentous trial, it is important that we come together in prayer as we did in action during Prop. 8. We ask you to pray daily and, if you feel called, to fast for the entire duration of the trial and until Chief Judge Vaughn Walker renders his final decision. See prayers and petitions. Please download and pass them along to friends, family, and fellow parishioners so we can unite our voices in prayer for traditional marriage.

See more analysis of the trial by campaign general counsel, Andy Pugno.

Bill May is Chairman of Catholics for the Common Good.

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