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The Campaign Continues
The campaign continues to promote the integrity and centrality of marriage for children and society. Same-sex "marriage" is just a symptom of a more serious problem that is affecting children in every family -- the redefinition of marriage, the family, and human sexuality. 
Join the Stand with Children campaign and become part of an army to restore a culture that supports and promotes traditional marriage.
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Volunteers will need to sign up again to remain involved with the aftermath of Prop 8. Now that the Prop 8 campaign is over, CatholicsforProtectMarriage.com will be dissolved. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is done to comply with the privacy policy of CPM. Sign up here today.

Proposition 8 Passes in California

The definition of marriage between a man and a woman has been restored. It is now in the California Constitution.

Proposition 8 passed 52.5% - 47.5%, by a margin of a half million votes. The victory was only possible because of the participation of 100,000 volunteers and almost 80,000 donors -- many participating in a political campaign for the first time. 

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Note: CCG is currently hosting CatholicsforProtectMarriage.com, the official Catholic coalition in support of ProtectMarriage.com

Same-sex couples
begin to marry

Never have the stakes been higher for the nation than this November, when California voters go to the polls to restore the definition of marriage. This is the last opportunity to put it in the State Constitution out of reach of activist judges. Catholics are organizing in greater numbers than ever before.

Tens of thousands of volunteers will be needed to win. Please join this effort today!

[W]e are saying a strong "no" to the California courts and to many who support the court's wrong-headed decision. This "no" is not rooted in bigotry or bias. It is firmly rooted in a greater "yes" to a truer, more authentic appreciation of love's calling and love's design for the human heart.

Co-Adjutor Bishop
Jaime Soto,

Prop 8 reads: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

  • Prop 8 restores the same words that were adopted by 61% of the voters in 2000 and were nullified by the California Supreme Court. The California Supreme Court's ruling that created same-sex "marriage" is a threat to every family. It redefines the world's most child-friendly institution.
  • If the Supreme Court's ruling stands, children will be taught that same-sex "marriage" is equivalent to marriage, the foundation of the family with a mother and father. This will confuse them about marriage, family and their own future.
  • Marriage is a natural institution created for us by God. We can verify that by our natural desire for a married mother and father.

Catholics for ProtectMarriage.com Announced

"This conviction about marriage, while confirmed by faith, can be known from reason.  Therefore, our efforts to enshrine this wisdom about marriage in the laws of our community are not an imposition of an ideology but a service of the truth which we make for the common good. This wisdom about the nature of marriage is not a form of discrimination, but undergirds our freedom to live according to God's plan for us."
Pastoral on California Marriage Ruling
Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron
Bishop of Oakland
Episcopal Advisor, Catholics for the Common Good

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