Field Poll Showing California Same-Sex "Marriage" Support Suspect

CCG Chairman Points Out that Field Poll is Inconsistent with Other Research

SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2008--A newly released Field Poll says that 51% of Californians now support same-sex "marriage" and voters oppose the initiative that will be on the November ballot.

"Today's Field Poll shows data inconsistent with other reputable polls that show voter support for defining marriage in the state constitution as between a man and a woman," said William B. May, chairman of Catholics for the Common Good. "The Los Angeles Times poll of May 21 shows an 18-point margin (54-36) in support of the initiative, and SurveyUSA of May 15 indicates a 16-point margin (52-36)." Read the entire CCG Press Release.

The news of the poll is being celebrated by advocates of legalizing same-sex "marriage" with the intent of suppressing opposition.

CCG Press Release on Field Poll Showing Support for Same-Sex "Marriage" 

"We will be seeing more things like this between now and November," May said. "The campaign to restore marriage as only between a man and a woman is going to be tough and hard-fought. It will take all of the resolve we can muster to compete with a well-financed and well-organized opposition and a sympathetic media."

"In the midst of the turmoil, we must never lose hope and the vision of rebuilding a culture that is supportive of marriage. We must do this for our children and future generations. It is also an imperative of social justice."


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