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Stand with Children, a Positive Movement to Rebuild a Marriage Culture

Stand with Children is a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to the work of rebuilding a marriage culture. It is a positive movement, defined by what it is for, rather than what it is against. It focuses on the right of every child to know her mom and dad, and as far as possible be born into a family with her mom and dad united in marriage. (See “Questions to pose and ponder about the Rights of Children”)

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There is much confusion over what marriage is today. It has become increasingly disconnected from children and the family of common ancestry.

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In 2010, the State of Our Union Report on the status of marriage featured an essay entitled “When Marriage Disappears”[1]  that discussed the rise of a new “soul-mate” model for marriage that is “primarily a couple-centered vehicle for personal growth, emotional intimacy, and shared consumption that depends for its survival on the happiness of both spouses.” This model is opposed to what they described as the “institutional model” that integrates parenthood in a permanent union. This is basically the “traditional” understanding of marriage.

Because of this and other factors, marriage has become seen as merely an adult centric institution, which has given rise to proposals to redefine it as such in the law, separated from children and their mothers and fathers. Research shows that marriage has been becoming increasingly an optional life-style choice for having children. Today over half of children born to women under 30, are outside marriage: in most cases intentionally deprived of their right to be born into a family with mom and dad united in marriage.

This is not to judge anyone, as choices are often made innocently, based on what people think will make them happy with the corrupting influence of the culture and with little awareness of the negative consequences of their actions for themselve and others.

Catholics for the Common Good Stand with Children Leadership Summit on Marriage and family in San Francisco

 A recent Stand with Children
Leadership Summit

Indeed, the breakdown of marriage and people seeking alternative life-styles is a problem that is touching almost every family and should be of concern to everyone. Who wants their children to grow up to be single parents or their grandchildren deprived of married mothers and fathers? (See quick facts about the breakdown of marriage)

Since families formed on the foundation of marriage are dependent on the free choice of men and women to enter into it, it is critical to have a clear societal understanding of the true meaning and purpose of marriage that is also reflected and supported by private and public institutions and in civil law. That is where the efforts of Stand with Children are directed, starting the formation of marriage evangelists committed to start the work in their own family and circle of friends, and a campaign of public education about the consequences of the breakdown of marriage and the need to reverse the trend.

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Therefore, Stand with Children’s mission and actions are not in opposition to anyone or anything but are in solidarity with the real victims of the cultural confusion about marriage and family:

  • Children who are increasingly deprived of their right to born into a family with their own mother and father united in marriage, and are created through artificial means with the intention of depriving them of the fundamental human right of knowing and being loved by their mother or father or both, and  
  • Today’s children and young adults who are receiving a corrupted understanding of love, sexuality, marriage and family that will affect the choices they make in their own lives.

[1] “When Marriage Disappears”, State of Our Unions Report. 2010. http://stateofourunions.org/2010/when-marriage-disappears.php

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