Hear Bill May on "From the Front Lines of the Culture War" with Charles LiMandri

Reshaping the dialogue about
marriage and family
to reflect their indisputable human reality.

Chuck interviews Bill May, Catholics for the Common Good - Chairman and CEO, on Catholic Radio of San Diego, October 10, 2011

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New laws and popular culture are effectively redefining marriage and family for children and young adults. Their effects are touching every family as more and more young people believe marriage is obsolete, are cohabiting, and having children out of wedlock. The battle for marriage and family is taking place not only in the halls of the legislature and the courts, but around the family dinner table. How do we respond? Is it possible to defend marriage without fear of attacks and persecution?

Catholics for the Common Good is bringing hope to many with a new reality-based approach to defending and promoting marriage and family.

This movement is for Catholics of diverse backgrounds and interests, informed by their faith, to become better equipped to build a civilization of love and a culture of life.

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