Bill May Invited to Address World Marriage Leaders

Catholics For The Common Good World Congress of FamiliesSAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 13, 2013 --Today Bill leaves for Australia where he has been invited to present our strategy on marriage to the 7th World Congress of Families. The conference will host delegates from over 70 countries and Bill will make two critical points on what is necessary to reverse the trend to redefine marriage that is sweeping the globe.

The first point Bill will make at the congress is the need to communicate the true meaning and purpose of marriage in ways people can understand, verify it is true and repeat. He will demonstrate that people cannot understand marriage by talking about complementarity, procreation, and what children need. It is all assumed when marriage is communicated in its totality as the only civil institution that unties kids with their moms and dads. The problem arises not because of the gay agenda; it is because the majority of people think that marriage is only the public recognition of a committed relationship for benefit of adults, as public opinion research shows.

The second point Bill will make is marriage advocates must break the habit of using the term "same-sex or gay marriage.”  It misrepresents what the issue by implying it is merely about gay participation in marriage, and obscures the consequences of redefining marriage.  The redefinition of marriage does not lead to two different kinds of marriage existing side-by-side in the law, but eliminates the only civil institution that unites kids with their moms and dads.

Rather than focusing on homosexuality, which teaches us nothing about marriage, we must ask, do we need an institution that is specifically geared toward uniting kids with their moms and dads? Those advocating redefining marriage are proposing the elimination of that institution. Don’t you think they should be held accountable?

Please pray for Bill and the success of our mission as he address the world marriage leaders gathered in Sydney.

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