Help Inform Parishioners and Friends About True Meaning of Marriage


A First Step for
Taking Back Marriage:
Literature Distribution

If you are feeling powerless and frustrated by the courts overruling voters’ right to define marriage and the increasing refusal for elected officials to defend or enforce marriage laws, there is action you can take today to start the effort to reverse this trend.

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The first pamphlet in this educational series was written at the request of the USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities. It is designed to help the laity explain what marriage is and answer tough questions that are being raised by children, other family members, co-workers and friends.

The second provides a new way of thinking about issues related to marriage from the perspective of the child and provides insights on how to talk about marriage in ways that reveal its truth and beauty.

Both pamphlets are written to aid people in expressing Catholic doctrine in non-religious language.

Take responsibility to make sure these pamphlets receive as wide a distribution as possible in your parish and other organizations you belong to.

Our success should not be measured by immediate results, but in this case by how many pieces of educational literature are distributed. Here are examples of how the pamphlets can be used in your parish with your pastor’s permission:

  1. At minimum, place the pamphlets in the book rack.
  2. Propose inserting the pamphlets in the Sunday bulletin. Offer to organize a small group of friends to stuff the bulletins for the pastor.
  3. Insert the pamphlets in packets going home to school parents.

They can also be provided to teachers and distributed in Catholic High Schools. Catholic organizations can distribute them to their members. They can also be used for discussion in faith sharing groups or other forums.

The cost of the pamplets are as little as $0.18 a piece if ordered in quantities of 1000 or more. They are available in English and Spanish.

Write to us and let us know of your efforts as we build a team of marraige advocates across the country.

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