D.C. Catholic Charities Forced to Cut Health Benefits

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Far-Reaching Consequences of Same-Sex "Marriage"
Time for Catholics to Go on the Offense

by Bill May

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 2, 2010 -- The new same-sex "marriage" law in Washington, D.C., taking effect on Wednesday, March 3, has created another consequence for Catholic Charities. It has forced Catholic Charities to drop healthcare benefits for spouses of its employees in order to protect its freedom of religious expression and its ability to provide services to the poor.

Under the new law, Catholic Charities would be compelled to extend benefits to same-sex "spouses" of its employees if it extended spousal benefits at all. The changes in coverage will apply only to new employees and employees that are currently single or are married but have not previously opted for spousal medical insurance coverage.

Bill May Chairman Catholics for the Common Good
Bill May

On Friday, CCG reported that Catholic Charities in Washington D.C. was forced out of providing foster care and adoption services for children in the Washington Archdiocese because of same-sex "marriage".

Under the new law, faith-based charitable organizations that have contracts with the city must deny the reality of marriage as part of God's creation and recognize same-sex "marriage" in its policies or become unqualified to serve the poor. Catholic organizations faithful to the truth about marriage are no longer deemed qualified to care for children who have been deprived of their mothers and fathers. The obvious question is, how far will this go? If an organization is determined unfit to care for children, at what point will this discrimination reach the level of individual Catholics' freedom to believe and teach their own children?

This is just one additional far-reaching consequence of redefining marriage. The greatest impact, however, is the message this legislation sends to young people about the nature and importance of marriage, and the future of the very institution of marriage, and families, for future generations.

The Strategy for Undermining Marriage Focuses on Education

Daily, our opponents are recruiting and training high school and college students to become advocates for same-sex "marriage". The Gay Straight Alliance Network in California brags about establishing 750 clubs in California high schools and having trained over 10,000 student activists and organizers. They claim to have influenced over 1.1 million students over the last decade. Indeed, because of the incessant repetition over the last 40 years through schools, the media, and the workplace, we can articulate the arguments of our opponents better than we can advocate for traditional marriage.

No Longer "Wife", Now "Baby Mama"

No wonder fewer and fewer young people connect marriage with children, and mothers and fathers. No wonder fewer and fewer feel it is important to marry if they are going to have children together. No wonder more and more families have adult children who are cohabitating and grandchildren born to unmarried parents. Child bearing and raising have become a life-style choices, with newly coined words such as "baby mama" replacing the vocation of mother and father as the foundation of the family.

CCG Training Adults and Youth to Build Marriage Culture

Our opponents certainly understand the value of training and organizing, and we need to also if we are going to take back marriage, the family, and the truth about human sexuality for our families and society.

Catholics for the Common Good Institute, with its Stand with Children Project, is the only organization that has developed a new positive, long-term strategy to go on the offense and is currently training and forming leaders for this movement. We cannot stress enough how ground-breaking CCGI's training programs are and the exceptional results we are seeing. Teams are now being formed in many communities around California. Join us as we go on the offense in a new, positive, authentically Catholic way. We need your participation urgently.

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Funding is Critical for Success

The trainings and the network of advocates are all very expensive to develop and maintain.

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We will be writing soon to announce the locations of upcoming training and formation opportunities in California communities near you.

Above all, please pray for this apostolate for the evangelization of culture. Please join us in appealing to our patroness, the greatest evangelizer of all, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Pray for the protection for our staff, our county co-chairs, and our volunteers in this spiritual battle for marriage as part of God's creation.

Bill May is founder and Chairman of Catholics for the Common Good.

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