Archbishop Gomez 

Bishops Renew Call for
Comprehensive Immigration Reform
BALTIMORE, MD, November 14, 2012 -- The U.S. bishops are reiterating their appeal to President Obama and the newly elected members of Congress to enact just and humane immigration reform within the coming year. 

Pope Benedict

'Practical Atheism' More
Destructive Than Disbelief,
Pope Says
VATICAN CITY, November 14, 2012 -- The practical atheism of those who say they are Christian but live as if God does not exist is a greater threat than actual atheism, Pope Benedict XVI said as he presented three ways for people to more fully discover God.

Cardinal Dolan

Election Shows Need to Better
Present the Truth about Marriage
BALTIMORE, MD., November 13 -- Bishops and Catholics must work to better deliver the Church's teaching on marriage in light of the recent U.S. elections, said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York.

Cardinal Dolan Calls Bishops to Conversion
at Annual Meeting
BALTIMORE, MD, November 12 -- The mission of evangelization, which is critical to the calling of every bishop, must begin with penance and interior renewal, said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, president of the U.S. bishops' conference.

Nigerian Catholics Respond to Attack
With Prayer and Fasting
LAGOS, NIGERIA, November 13 -- After his parish in southern Nigeria was desecrated on Nov. 4, Monsignor Obiora F. Ike called on his parishioners to observe a week of prayer and penance.

Papal Nuncio: Catholic Division
Undermines Religious Freedom
SOUTH BEND, IN, November 12, 2012 -- Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has told the University of Notre Dame that there is a concrete “menace” to religious liberty in the U.S. that is advancing in part because some influential Catholic public figures and university professors are allied with those opposed to Church teaching.

Post election comment 2012 Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Chair USCCB Subcommittee on Defense and Promotion of Marriage

Bishops’ Defense Of Marriage Chair
Calls For Prayer, Renewed Culture Of Marriage
WASHINGTON, DC, November 7  Marriage protection efforts in state referenda not successful.  "Marriage needs to be strengthened ... not redefined," Archbishop Cordileone says.  All people called "to build a renewed culture of marriage and the family".  

Highlights of the Synod From
Vatican Observer Sandro Magister
VATICAN CITY, November 5, 2012 – The most concrete proposals. The most significant remarks. The surprises from Norway and Cambodia. The most applauded of all: a young catechist from Rome. The countermelody of the superior general of the Jesuits

Marriage Campaigns Get Ugly
Tight Battle in ME and WA
Cautious Optimism in MD and MN
Prayers Needed
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 5, 2012 -- Of the four states in which the future of marriage is on the ballot, Maine and Washington are states in which gay rights organizations are focusing the greatest attention. If they are able to convince voters to redefine marriage, it will be the first time this has happened anywhere. The stakes are very high. So high, in fact, that the supporters of redefining marriage are stepping up incidences of vandalism and intimidation, trying to silence those witnessing the truth about marriage, the reality that unites a man and a woman with each other and any children born from their union.

One Day Before Election
Catholic Vote Remains Good Indicator
WASHINGTON D.C., November 5, 2012-- With polls still disagreeing on which presidential candidate holds the lead just one day before the election, political analysts believe Catholics will continue to be an influential indicator of what the general electorate will decide. 

New Romney Ad Reaches Out to
Catholic Voters
WASHINGTON D.C., November 6, 2012 -- The Romney campaign released a new television ad on Nov. 4 to appeal to Catholic voters, citing the Obama administration's controversial HHS mandate.

Irish Referendum:
State's Responsiblity for Children
To Trump Parents'
CORK, IRELAND, November 5, 2012 -- On November 10th 2012, Irish citizens will vote on a referendum aimed at amending the Constitution in regard to the role of the State towards children. The implications of the wording of the amendment are subtle and difficult to perceive for a non-expert. Though the change in the proposed wording can be seen as minor, its effects are potentially considerable. It is nothing less than a philosophical shift on the understanding of the society: whereas the State or the Family is the primary protector of children.

US Bishops Launch
Religious Freedom Website
WASHINGTON D.C., November 6, 2012 -- The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has created a new website dedicated to encouraging education, prayer and public action to protect religious freedom at home and abroad.

Evangelization Synod Hits Optimistic Note 
in Message to Faithful

VATICAN, October 26, 2012 -- The synod of bishops on the New Evangelization released a “message to people of God” Oct. 26, emphasizing hope in the face of an increasingly secular culture, because Christ promises salvation.

Archbishop Chaput: Be Catholic before you are Democrat or Republican
ROME, October 25, 2012 -- As the country approaches election day in two weeks, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia is encouraging Catholic voters to place their faith above their allegiance to political parties. 

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