Archbishop GomezLA Archbishop Thinks Best Ways to Reach Youth
are Often Old Ones
- The New Evangelization needs to reach out to young people using every means available, new and old, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles says.

stem cells

Moral Theologians Reaffirm Possible Ethical Stem Cell Advances
- Although concerns have been raised about the unethical source of some cells used in Shinya Yamanaka’s efforts to reprogram cells into stem cells, moral theologians insist that the work could lead to ethical advances in the field.

Pope Benedict

Pope Will Deliver Year-Long Teaching Series
on Restoring Faith
- At his first general audience during the Year of Faith, Pope Benedict XVI initiated a new, year-long cycle of teachings aimed at healing the division between what Christians say they profess, what they actually believe, and how they live their lives.

Wealth, Always a Means,
Never an End
SAN FRANCISCO, October 14, 2012-- Essential to the evangelization of culture and rebuilding a marriage culture is rediscovering what love is. A primary factor leading to the breakdown of marriage and obscuring its meaning is a tendency in our culture to make wealth, stature, pleasure, and happiness an end. When that happens, as Blessed John Paul II has taught us, other people become means, having a negative effect on our relationships with other as well as with God. When a person is reduced to an object of use, it is contrary to love. It makes that which we desire most, love and intimacy, impossible.

USCCB Responds To Biden Mistatement
Clarifies Facts On HHS Mandate
, DC, October 12, 2012 — Today, the USCCB release a statement disputing a misrepresentation by Vice President Joseph Biden of the consequences of the Federal HHS Mandate on the Catholic Church and people of faith. The statement was made in the course last night's Vice Presidential Debate with Republican challenger Rep. Paul Ryan. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is forcing virtually all employers to include sterilization and contraception, including drugs that may cause abortion, in the health insurance coverage they provide their employees. In many cases, Catholic institutions are self-insured, meaning they will have to pay for such services directly.

Archbishop Gomez's First Pastoral Letter Details Evangelization Plans-- Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles has written his first pastoral letter to his archdiocese, invoking the Catholic history of California and calling on Catholics to witness to the “New World of faith.”

Holy Father's Homily,
Opening of the Synod
New Evangelization
VATICAN, October 7, 2012 -- Marriage had a prominent mention in Pope Benedict's homily as he opened the Synod on the New Evangelization. He noted that, "marriage is called to be not only an object but a subject of the new evangelization." Referring to the readings about marriage of the day from Genesis (2:24) and Matthew (10:7-8), he asked, "What does this word say to us today? It seems to me that it invites us to be more aware of a reality, already well known but not fully appreciated: that matrimony is a Gospel in itself, a Good News for the world of today, especially the dechristianized world". Read the full homily as he set the stage for the Synod Fathers.

- The 2012 Synod of Bishops on evangelization began its second day with a call for the Catholic Church to roll back the “tsunami of secularism” that has swept over modern society in recent decades.

Nobel-Winning Stem Cell Work Helps Curtail Embryonic Research
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 8, 2012 -- Moral theologian Father Thomas Berg is praising the work of Shinya Yamanaka, the winner of this year's Nobel Prize in medicine, for helping to “put human embryonic stem cell research largely out of business.”

Baltimore Archbishop Rallies Religious Leaders in Support of Marriage
- Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore last week told a large gathering of Maryland religious leaders opposed to Question 6 that it is urgent to organize voters opposed to the ballot measure, which would recognize “gay marriage” in the state.

Pope Opens Bishops' Synod With Universal Call to Holiness
- Pope Benedict XVI has formally opened the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization with a “universal call to holiness” aimed at all Christians worldwide.

The Election and the Future of Marriage
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 5, 2012 -- The marriage issue is front and center in this election season, and we have a unique and powerful opportunity to advance the cause for marriage and start moving to the offense.

CA Gay Therapy Law Erodes Parental Rights, Critics Charge
- Pro-family and parental rights groups are saying a new California law banning therapy for minors who struggle with same-sex attraction is disrespectful of both personal choice and parents' rights.

Archbishop GomezEvangelization Synod Participants Preview Their Roles
DENVER, CO, September 26, 2012 -- U.S. appointees to the upcoming bishops’ synod on the New Evangelization say the event will help advance evangelization in the world despite contemporary challenges.

Following Jesus and
Thinking With The Church
Requires a New Way of Thinking
VATICAN CITY, September 23, 2012  At midday today the Holy Father appeared on the balcony overlooking the internal courtyard of the Apostolic Palace at Castelgandolfo to pray the Angelus with faithful gathered there.

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