Victory for Conscience in Washington State
Pharmacists Can’t Be Forced to Sell Abortion Drugs
TACOMA, WA, February 22, 2012— A federal court in Washington state ruled Wednesday that the state board of pharmacy cannot force pharmacists to stock drugs that risk taking human life if the pharmacists have a religious, moral, or ethical objection. The court determined that the pharmacists should be allowed to do what they have sought from the beginning, which is to refer patients seeking such drugs to other pharmacies.

Pope Benedict speaks to Cardinals at Consistory Chair of Peter "The Church does not exist for her own sake, but she has to point beyond herself, to the realms above..."

Pope Benedict: Faith Without Love
Would No Longer Be an Authentic Christian Faith
VATICAN, February 19, 2012 -- Pope's homily at mass in Vatican Basilica, with the newly-created cardinals, on the solemnity of the Chair of Saint Peter. "The Church does not exist for her own sake, but she has to point beyond herself, to the realms above..."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, New York Archbishop, New Evangelization

Cardinal-designate Dolan Outlines
‘Creative Strategy’ for Evangelization
"Missio ad Gentes" (Mission to the Nations)
VATICAN, February 17, 2012 -- In remarks to the Pope and the College of Cardinals, Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan outlined a seven-point “creative strategy of evangelization” to counter secularism and bring people to Jesus.

What Did CHA's Carol Keehan Know
And When Did She Know It?
WASHINGTON, DC, February 14, 2012— National Catholic Register news analysis: As threats to religious liberty escalate, critics say it’s time to establish who truly speaks for the Church in the United States.

Religious Leaders, Academics Rebuff
Obama’s Contraception Policy Change
WASHINGTON,- Over 200 college presidents, academics, religious leaders and journalists have signed a letter that denounces President Obama’s “accommodation” to the contraception mandate for failing to “remove the assault on religious liberty.”

Archbishop Jose Gomez: Obama Ignores
Moral Concerns;
Religious Liberty

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2012 -- President Barack Obama’s announcement on Friday concerning health care mandates is troubling and frustrating because unfortunately, he did not really respond to the deep moral concerns raised by America’s Catholic community.

US Catholic Bishops
Reject Ruling Against Prop. 8The U.S. bishops condemned a federal court ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, saying the move defies the will of California voters and reflects “basic confusion” about the nature of marriage.

Lenten Study and Faith Sharing Series
Learn Reasons for Hope and
Latest Thinking of the Church

SAN FRANCISCO, February 9, 2012 -- The work of the evangelization of culture for marriage and family seems daunting, but once you read the latest thinking of the Church on the New Evangelization, you will be comforted. Catholics for the Common Good is offering a unique 6-part self-guided small group study of excerpts from the very document that was given to the bishops of the world as preparation for the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization this October, 2012.

Federal Court Strikes Down
Marriage Law
SAN FRANCISCO, February 8, 2012 -- A federal appeals court has ruled that a California-voter-approved initiative to define marriage as between one man and one woman has no rational basis and violates the U.S. Constitution.

Archbishop Jose Gomez, Los Angeles, Statement Prop 8 decision Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Archbishop Gomez Speaks Out
Appeals Court Prop 8 Decision
LOS ANGELES, February 7, 2012 -- The court’s decision reflects a basic confusion about what marriage is and what marriage is for, and about why the government has an interest in promoting and strengthening marriage.

Press Release: 
Ninth Circuit Prop 8 Decision
No Surprise
THE JAMES R. BROWNING COURTHOUSE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 7, 2012 – “The decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold Judge Walker’s radical decision overturning Prop 8 comes as no surprise,” said Catholics for the Common Good President William B. May.


9th Circuit Prop 8 Decision
Coming Tuesday AM
SAN FRANCISCO, February 6, 2012 -- We could be surprised, but given the reputation of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, it is likely they will uphold Judge Walker's radical decision to overturn Prop 8 when they announce their decision on Tuesday morning at 10 AM.

Being Catholic Means 'Paying a Price,'
Says Detroit Archbishop

VATICAN CITY, February 3, 2012 -- Being Catholic in 2012 involves “paying a price” for loving Jesus Christ and his Church, says Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron of Detroit.

CCG Summit Gathers CA Leaders
Momentum for Action Building
Stand with Children,
An Expression of the New Evangelization

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Feburary 2, 2012 -- Stand with Children statewide leaders gathered recently at the 4th Annual CCG Leadership Summit in San Francisco to kick off the campaign to reposition marriage in public dialogue. The campaign focuses on the marriage crisis and the need to develop legislation, curricula, and public support to encourage people to marry before having children. Both Archbishop Niederauer and Bishop Cordileone were on hand to provide support and encouragement to the CCG leadership team.

Seattle Archbishop Testifies Against
State's Attempt to Redefine Marriage

OLYMPIA, WA, JANUARY 25, 2012 -- A Washington state bill that would recognize same-sex “marriage” poses a “grave challenge” to the common good, Archbishop of Seattle J. Peter Sartain warned.

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