Bishop Ignatius Wang Blesses Catholics for the Common Good Office

New Catholic Action Opens Office and Volunteer Center
By Margaret Cortright

Catholics for the Common Good volunteers at office blessing with Bishop Ignatius Wang
Photo by Kelly Connelly
CCG members and supporters with Bishop Ignatius Wang.

Bishop Ignatius Wang presided at the blessing and opening of the Catholics for the Common Good Office and Volunteer Center in Daly City on July 15, 2006. About thirty CCG members and supporters attended the beautiful blessing ceremony.

Catholics for the Common Good is a lay organization formed in response to the call of Pope John Paul II to transform our culture through a new Catholic Action. CCG seeks to foster the spiritual growth of Catholics through a deeper understanding of the social teachings of the Church and to mobilize informed citizens to influence public policy on concerns related to life, family, freedom, the poor and the vulnerable.

In his brief homily Bishop Wang reflected on the reading for the Blessing Service (Genesis 1:26-31) and on several Gospel readings from Mark. In Genesis, God did not ordain Adam and Eve as priests, yet He called them to work and to obedience. Thus it has been part of God's plan from the beginning of salvation history, Bishop Wang explained, that lay men and lay associations like Catholics for the Common Good have a real and vital role in spreading the Gospel.

The bishop noted carefully that before political action, we must prepare ourselves through study of the Church's teachings. However, he noted that the answer to the question, "When do we know enough?" is inevitably "never." We must continue to learn and grow in our faith, but this should not become an excuse to keep us from acting.

Jesus teaches us to not be anxious or afraid of spreading the Gospel message. Thus Jesus instructed His apostles to "take nothing for the journey but a walking stick--no food, no sack, no money. (Mark 6:7-13) At the same time, Bishop Wang also said that it is vital for those spreading the Gospel to make use of the most up-to-date tools at our disposal.

Photo by Kelly Connelly
Bishop Wang sporting his new CCG T-shirt.

Bishop Wang encouraged lay ministries especially to "be literate" in modern technology, and also to "rely on the Holy Spirit." He said to treat any success as God's will so as to steer a careful course between the two dangers of unnecessary fear, on the one hand, and presumptuous overconfidence on the other.

After the Blessing Service, William May again thanked the bishop on behalf of Catholics for the Common Good. May told the group that explaining the truths of our faith is difficult in a culture that is growing increasingly hostile to Christianity. "It is important to remember, we can do nothing without the power of the Holy Spirit," May said. He called for massive prayer for protection of children, marriage and the family, and he stressed the importance
of Eucharistic adoration.

May said the office was made possible by generous donations and that it is for the use and support of volunteers for Catholic action. He encouraged people to volunteer in the office and to support other volunteers around the state.

Following the blessing, the guests enjoyed a lovely reception, an opportunity to speak with Bishop Wang and to socialize with one another. With typical good humor, Bishop Wang immediately donned a Catholics for the Common Good T-shirt, which he had just received for his gracious presence.

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Photo by George Yen
Chairman Bill May presents Bishop Wang with a CCG T-shirt.

Photo by George Yen
Bishop Wang proceeds through the CCG office with incense.
Photo by Kelly Connelly.
Isaiah Cortright (center) and Thomas Price (right) assist Bishop Wang.

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