Stem Cell Research is Good - Except When It Involves Killing a Human Being
By William B. May
It is that simple. Stem cell research is a good and it is moral according to Catholic social teachings. Many cures have been discovered through research on stem cells taken from umbilical cords or from fully developed persons. What makes stem cell research immoral is the fact that it sometimes requires killing a living human being.Listening to commentators on radio and TV argue about whether Michael J. Fox exaggerated his Parkinson's disease symptoms to gain sympathy for embryonic stem cell research is very frustrating. Whether or not he did, the real problem is that he is confusing the issue, and misleading the public, and it is important to understand how.

Teaching on Suicide and Euthanasia
Excerpted from Gospel of Life

Pope: During Lent Become Aware of Dangers Against Elderly
As California is facing the threat of physician assisted suicide legislation, it is prophetic that the Holy Father has called on the faithful to use this Lenten period as a time of reflection on growing treats to the elderly and disabled in this culture of death.

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