-- A major U.S. law enforcement operation, which saved over 100 minors from prostitution rings and arrested over 150, drew praise from a congressman known for toughening laws against sex trafficking.

Andy Pugno, General Council Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund

Prop 8 Defense to CA Supremes
Compel State Officials
To Follow Constitution

Rule of Law Must Be Respected
SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2013 --The Prop 8 legal defense team is back in court defending the will of the voters. This time it is in the California Supreme Court with a petition to restore the enforcement of Proposition 8 which is still part of the Constitution after having been placed there by California voters in 2008.

Giving the Experience of Fatherhood
KANSAS CITY, July 3, 2013 -- Mike Sweeney of the Kansas City Royals, with his wife Shara, has produced an inspiring video about giving kids who have lost their dads the experience of fatherhood. It is worth spending a few minutes to watch.

Prop 8, Victim of Tyranny
The Undermining of Prop 8
Political Power Run Amuck

SAN FRANCISCO, July 2, 2013--I don’t think “tyranny” is too strong of a word for what has happened since I advised you that Prop 8 had not been overturned in my previous email last week. Court procedures have been ignored, the Governor and Attorney General have exceeded their authority, and counties all around California have been marrying same-sex couples in violation of the California Constitution as amended by the voters of California in 2008. Proposition 8 remains in effect, but state constitutional officers are ignoring it, seemingly with impunity. It is outrageous.

US Supreme Court Marriage Decisions DOMA Prop 8

Prop 8 NOT Overturned
Condolences for Marriage Premature
DOMA Ramifications Are Broad
SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2013--The US Bishops issued a statement calling today’s Supreme Court decisions a “profound injustice,” and a “tragic day for marriage and our nation.” The Supreme Court overturned the federal definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and failed to make a decision on the merits of Prop 8 leaving the will of California voters in jeopardy on a technicality. These are significant challenges, but we must not become discouraged or lose hope. 

Pending Supreme Court
Marriage Decisions
WASHINGTON, DC, June 24, 2013 -- Any day, the Supreme Court of the United States will announce its decision on two cases that will have a bearing on the future of marriage for the entire country. CCG will be providing its the best possible analysis to its members and subscribers as soon as our lawyers have a chance to study the decisions. Here is a little primer on what we will be considering.

In Reality, There Are Only
Motherloss or Fatherloss Children?
NEW YORK, June 22, 2013-- Frank Ligtvoet, an adoptive parent wrote an honest piece in the New York Times about the trials of children living with same-sex parents who have been deprived of their mothers or fathers or both. The article is refreshing because he looks at reality from the perspective of the child, rather than the usual way people treat such subjects-- from the interest of the adults.

Catholics For The Common Good Baby and DadCatholic Men Address
'Identity Crisis' Of Fatherhood

BOSTON, MA, Jun 15, 2013--Several prominent Catholic men offer advice in new new book on how to respond to the modern uncertainty of what it means to a father and a man. 

Catholics For The Common Good Cardinal GeorgeBlack Democrats and Catholic Church
Stop Gay Marriage In Illinois

CHICAGO, IL, June 11, 2013--What same-sex marriage advocates won in the Illinois Senate on Valentine’s Day 2013 was just reversed.  After weeks and months of hard work to accomplish what should have been easy, gay Democrat sponsor Greg Harris could not muster the votes, while Democrat Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan, did not even call for a vote to establish same-sex marriage in Illinois. 

Catholics For The Common Good IL Capital BuildingAdvocate Says Fight To Defend
Marriage In Illinois Continues

CHICAGO, IL, June 5, 2013--An Illinois Catholic leader says that the state's failure to advance a “gay marriage” bill is a significant victory for grassroots activism, but more action is needed to ensure it never passes.

The Catholic Psychologist and
Same-sex "Married" Couples

DULUTH, MN, June 3, 2013--The State of Minnesota recently passed a law abolishing the commonly accepted definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and replaced it with a definition that requires only two adults, including two adults of the same sex. The law goes into effect August 1. Consequently, from that date forward, the State will recognize three types of marriage: male-female, male-male and female-female. All three will be considered “marriage”, and any effort to distinguish between them based on the commonly accepted definition (male-female) will be branded “discrimination.”

Catholics For The Common Good Mary EberstadWestern Culture 'Lost God'
Through Demise of Family

WASHINGTON DC, May 24, 2013--Scholar Mary Eberstadt says most theories of secularization do not take into account the role of the family in religious practice, noting how its demise is critically linked to an increasingly secular West.

MercatorNet Interview:
Getting the Marriage Conversation Right
SYDNEY, May 09, 2013 -- It is important to use terms that convey the truth about marriage, says an author who has been active in the marriage debate. We have all, or nearly all, done it -- talked about "gay marriage" or "same-sex marriage". But according to William B. May, who has been in the thick of the marriage debate in the United States, that's a mistake. MercatorNet asked him to explain.

Catholics For The Common Good: Father Martin Rhonheimer, professor of political philosophy and ethics at the Pontifical University of Santa CroceTheologian: Same-Sex Civil Unions
Discriminate Against Married Couples

ROME, ITALY, April 24, 2013--After a Vatican official stated that the Church could support same-sex civil unions, a Swiss theologian is saying that if they are equated with marriage these unions discriminate against married heterosexual couples.

Catholics For The Common Good: Wedding rings and Flowers by Alena KratochvilovaFlorist Faces Second Lawsuit
Over Gay Wedding Refusal
SEATTLE, WA, April 23, 2013-- A florist in Washington is being sued for a second time after choosing not to provide flower arrangements for a gay customer's upcoming wedding.  

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