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Roots of Discrimination
The Universal Nature of the Human Being

John Paul II, in Crossing the Threshold of Hope, refers to “the great anthropocentric shift in philosophy,” in which Descartes redefines the human being in terms of consciousness. Referring to St. Thomas Aquinas, John Paul reiterates that “it is not thought which determines existence, but existence, ‘esse,’ which determines thought!” In other words, it is man who thinks, not thinking that is man.

Looking for Love
A few weeks ago my pastor and I were talking and he mentioned that he has not been able to find a clear, direct definition in the Catechism of the Catholic Churchof the theological virtue of charity. "Ah," I thought for a moment, "he must be kidding." After all, the theological virtues are rather important, and love, we know, is the greatest of the three. And the Catechism—as he and I fully agree—is a wonderful work, invaluable in so many ways.

Pontiff Calls for "Ecology of Man"
Warns Against New Theories of "Gender"

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 22, 2008.- While protecting nature is an essential mission of the Church, it's no more important than protecting the nature of the person, says Benedict XVI.

Democracy Not Enough, Says Pope
Affirms Need for Values Founded on Truth of Person
VATICAN CITY, DEC. 21, 2008.- Despite the value of democratic principles, they alone are not enough to form a solid foundation for a society, says Benedict XVI.

Holy See: Realism Is Base of Human Rights
Archbishop Addresses UN on Universal Declaration

GENEVA, Switzerland, DEC. 17, 2008 - Defense of human rights must be based in an objective knowledge of human nature, lest terminology be reinterpreted at the service of private desires or ideologies, says a Holy See representative.

Holy Father Calls for Unity of Life and Faith
VATICAN CITY, November 17, 2008 - Benedict XVI says laypeople are called to show the unity that should exist between faith and life, and urged Christian politicians to be coherent with the faith they profess.

Vatican on Legal Recognition of Homosexual Unions (Excerpts)
Why are there absolutely no grounds for giving legal recognition to unions of homosexual persons? A Vatican document addresses this question, presenting the natural truth about marriage to show why the common good requires the protection and promotion of marriage between a man and a woman as the basis of the family, and why laws favoring homosexual unions are contrary to reason, obscure basic moral values and cause a devaluation of marriage.

US Bishops on Marriage and Same-Sex Unions
Marriage Only Between One Man and One Woman

What is marriage? Why can it exist only between a man and a woman? Why is it important for the society to keep it exclusively as a union between a man and a woman? Now is a good time to look at the answers to these and other related questions provided by the US Bishops.

Bishop Urges Catholics to Get Involved Politically,
Study Social Teaching of the Church

ASSISI, Italy, September 28, 2008- Catholics need to wake up when it comes to politics, and stop leaving "God in the pew," says a Vatican aide.

"To seek God and
to let oneself be found by Him"
PARIS, FRANCE, September 12, 2008 -- Exactly two years after Regensburg, another grand discourse from Pope Joseph Ratzinger to the intellectual world. In Paris, at the Collège des Bernardins. Here's the complete text:

Benedict XVI: Combating Hunger a Pro-life Issue
VATICAN CITY, JUNE 3, 2008-- In a world replete with resources, hunger and malnutrition are simply unacceptable, says Benedict XVI.

Benedict XVI: Trinity Reflected in Solidarity and Subsidiarity
VATICAN CITY, May 4, 2008 -- Faith in the Trinity enlightens the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity proposed by Catholic social doctrine, says Benedict XVI.

Just Ordering of Society
A Response to "Separation of Church and State
When we live our faith in the public square, are we trying to impose our faith on others? Are we crossing the line between separation of church and state? In his Encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict discussed these questions and others regarding our responsibility for participation in the development of public policy that respects the dignity of the human person and serves the common good.

 Pope Benedict XVI Spe Salvi Catholics for the Common Good formation

"In hope we were saved"
Pope Benedict's Second Encyclical

Science, reason, and progress fulfill many expectations, but they do not give "eternal life." Pope Joseph Ratzinger brings Christians and the world back before the judgment of God. And he proposes as examples two of the most humble and unknown saints.

Catholic Witness Based on Reason
Explained by Cardinal Pell

SYDNEY, Australia, October 3, 2007-- Cardinal George Pell, archbishop of Sydney, provided a superb example of employing reason to argue positions prompted by the faith in his response to the report clearing him of contempt of Parliament over the comments he made about parliamentarians voting to support stem-cell research legislation earlier this year.
The Cardinal's response is an important example of arguing effectively in public debate- read the statement to learn more.

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