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 The Marriage Reality Movement, a project of the Catholics for the Common Good Institute,  is a network of people of all faiths and beliefs, concerned about the state of marriage in society: people who wish to join a positive and practical effort to rebuild a culture of marriage and family; people like you, who believe it should be the norm for men and women to marry before having children.

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This movement is not political, and it’s much more than winning a public policy debate. It is about revealing the truth of marriage in ways that all can understand and seek its good in their own lives. An important objective is to end the lies that the state and culture are feeding our children; lies that corrupt their understanding about the reality of marriage, family and sexuality.

How young people understand the truth about sexual intimacy, marriage, and family influences the choices they make in their own lives. The culture is feeding them a steady diet of information that is designed to lead them away from the truth. The Marriage Reality Movement first and foremost seeks to “reintroduce” marriage at all levels of society.

About the Marriage Reality Movement

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"The Marriage Reality Movement, a marriage advocacy program by Catholics for the Common Good is a great place for lay Catholics to begin."
   Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone
   Chairman, USCCB Subcommittee on
   the Promotion and Defense of

“I have followed CCGI’s leadership on the marriage issue with both admiration and amazement. CCG has shown Catholics across America how to be a Catholic.”
   Ambassador Raymond L. Flynn

   Former U. S. Ambassador to the
   Vatican and Mayor of Boston.

What bishops are saying about CCGI's booklet for faith sharing and study groups, Getting the Marriage Conversation Right.

"...a clear concise and convincing presentation on the importance of marriage and its true meaning."
              Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Washington, DC

"William May has analyzed the marriage crisis with the skill of a surgeon."
              Bishop Emeritus Gilbert Sheldon, Steubenville, OH

"... should be in the purses, pockets and backpacks of all Catholics as we seek to promote marriage for the common good."
             Bishop David Zubik, Pittsburgh, PA

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