False Reports of Victory for “Same-Sex Marriage” in Massachusetts

Don’t despair. Headlines like the following, which is from the Sept. 15, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle, are pure spin to mislead the public.

“Massachusetts lawmakers defeat bid to halt gay marriages”
“157-39 vote reflects growing acceptance of same-sex nuptials among state residents”

What they didn’t tell you is that groups opposing “same-sex marriage” in the state were actually trying to defeat the measure. Here is why. The measure being debated was a compromise constitutional amendment that was adopted in a constitutional convention a year ago. It did defined marriage as between a man and a woman, which it can only be, but it also created same-sex civil unions in the state.

Same-sex civil unions are unacceptable because they have the same effect of undermining marriage and the family. Schools would have to teach children that homosexual civil unions are equivalent alternatives to marriage. They could no longer teach that there is any unique value for both individuals and the common good from a commitment between a man and a woman to a life giving relationship which provides a mother and a father for the raising and nurturing of children (marriage).

In countries that permit same-sex unions, studies show a correlation with reductions in people getting married. This has led to an alarming increase in births out of wedlock (50-80%) creating a real crisis in these countries. This shows how important it is for society to send positive messages to children about marriage, families and their futures.

The defeat of this flawed constitutional amendment in Massachusetts clears the way for marriage proponents to mount a petition drive for a real pro-marriage and pro-family amendment that will define marriage in the state’s constitution as between a man and a woman (no civil unions). So you can now see what is being portrayed as a victory for “gay” special interest groups in the Bay State, is really a defeat.

Petition Drive to Protect Marriage

Getting Under Way in Catholic Parishes Across Mass

“The Roman Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts support this initiative. The committee seeks a 2008 statewide referendum that would allow citizens to vote on whether same-sex marriage should be legal in Massachusetts. The people of our state have a right to decide this matter.”
~ Archbishop of Boston, Sean Patrick O’Malley

If you live in Massachusetts, ask how you can help with the petition drive in your parish.

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