What People Are Saying About "Getting the Marriage Conversation Right"

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Archbishop Cordileone

"Stand with Children refocuses one’s attention to the true purpose of marriage, which is the only reason it has the status that it does in the law: the rights of children.

Voted #1 Catholic Press Association"There is a lot of food for thought packed into this little booklet, which is intended to be a practical guide to help the laity navigate the confusion about marriage in conversations with their family and friends. I believe you will find it to be a very valuable resource."

— Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone
    Archbishop of San Francisco, Chairman, USCCB
   Subcommittee on Promotion and Defense of Marriage

Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Learn how to explain marriage to children and friends in ways everyone can understand.
Presented in non-religious language based on authentic Catholic social doctrine and the teaching of
Blessed John Paul II.
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About Getting the Marriage Conversation Right.
Publisher's Press Release

"Getting the Marriage Conversation Right is a clear, concise and convincing presentation on the importance of marriage and its true meaning.  This small book answers many of the pressing questions being presented today in the face of strong social pressures to redefine marriage and family."

---Cardinal Donald Wuerl,
    Archbishop of Washington, DC

Archbishop Lori

“Few issues are more consequential and hotly debated today than the meaning of marriage. Yet many are at a loss to combat the sound bytes and rhetoric which have already negatively influenced so many. As disciples of the Lord Jesus, we are called to stand for the truth of marriage as between a man and a woman both articulately and charitably. Mr. May’s book is an excellent place to start.”

Most Rev. William Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore,
     Chairman, USCCB Ad Hoc Subcommittee on
     Religious Liberty

Bishop Gilbert Sheldon

"William May has analyzed the marriage crisis with the skill of a surgeon. For Catholics, he presents the theology of marriage, simplifying Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. For all others, he isolates the essence of the Catholic position in terms of the natural relationship of children to their biological parents. Any defender of traditional marriage needs both approaches."

---Most Rev. Gilbert I. Sheldon,
   Bishop Emeritus of Steubenville, OH

Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh

"William May provides Catholics with an essential and timely tool for effectively advocating for marriage as a unique lifelong and life-giving relationship between a man and a woman. This little book gives helpful tips to avoiding common traps that hinder dialogue; offers tidy replies to frequently asked questions and provides quick clarifications to misconceptions regarding Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality. This book should be in the purses, pockets and backpacks of all Catholics as we seek to promote marriage for the common good.

---Most Rev. David A. Zubik
    Bishop of Pittsburgh, PA

It's practical!

Peace Garden Mama Blog

The Circle of Irreplaceability: Making the Case for Marriage.

"The break–down of the family through artificial contraception and divorce/remarriage has been a social fact of life for decades now. Unfortunately, that situation has not been helped by ecclesiastical silence on the issues, in all too many cases. The current drive to re–define marriage itself is a logical conclusion to this confusion but also gives people of faith and those simply of intelligence and good will a golden opportunity to re–visit all of the aspects of what constitutes a true marriage, benefiting children and society–at–large.

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Stand with Children
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Stand with Children, a movement for the evangelization of culture for marriage and family

Fr. Peter Stavinskas

"William May has provided a wonderful guide for discussing marriage in the public forum, without having recourse to biblical or other theological points of reference. For that reason alone, it is a most valuable contribution to a conversation which is not going away any time soon."

—Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D.
   Editor, The Catholic Response

Dr. William E. May

"[William B. May] has integrated John Paul II’s thought (without invoking it by name) in presenting the reality that marriage is from the perspective and experience of a child, i.e. from an experience and perspective all of us have had—for without exception each one of us has been a child."

--- William E. May, Michael J. McGivney Professor of Moral Theology emeritus at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family[1]

"Young adult Catholics, even those who have had the benefit of Catholic education, too often fail to fully understand or appreciate the Church's teachings on marriage and family. Stand with Children's William May, in collaboration with Catholics United for the Faith, has produced a handy guide to explaining marital issues that will prove quite valuable to teachers, professors, group leaders and parents."

---Patrick J. Reilly, President, Cardinal Newman Society

Rose Sweet

"Wow, wow, wow...I loved every page of “Getting the Marriage Conversation Right.” In the last two days I have already found myself using the language from the book in conversation."

---Rose Sweet, Catholic Author, Speaker, & Media Producer

"William B. May’s Getting the Marriage Conversation Right: A Guide for Effective Dialogue is not only an insightful survey of today’s landscape regarding the question of who may be married but also a helpful 'how-to' in confronting the discussion about the essence of marriage. The volume’s repeated insistence that true marriage can only be seen in light of the rights of and the benefits or harm accruing to children deserves greater consideration by those engaged in the ongoing attempts to redefine marriage."

---Monsignor Charles L. Mangan, of the Marian Apostolate, Diocese of Sioux Falls

Cheryl Dickow

"[The author] makes great points by saying such things as: Marriage is greater than the sum of its parts--and then elaborating a bit. ... If you are looking for an easy reference book on defending marriage, this book really is worth having and reading."

— Cheryl Dickow, Catholicmom.com, and President, Association of
     Catholic Women Bloggers

Ambassador Raymond Flynn

“This communication guide is an invaluable resource for answering questions and explaining what is at stake for the future of marriage and the rights of children if marriage is redefined. Every family should have one.”

— Raymond L. Flynn
    Former U.S. Ambassador to the
    Vatican and Mayor
of Boston

This 70–page book is a quick read, but it packs a powerful message.

Robert Aguirre Credit: Alfredo Mesa-CALL

—Stuart Dunn Stuart’s Study, Catholic book review blog

"In this wonderful booklet we are reminded of the true nature of the sacrament of marriage and of the creative power of marriage as a holy gift from God."

— Robert Aguirre, President, Catholic Association of Latino Leaders

“Today’s national debate about the meaning of marriage is everywhere and is influencing our children, friends, and families. We must be part of it. CUF has long been at the forefront searching for clear ways to communicate with culture. That’s why I’m thrilled to publish this ‘how to’ guide that will facilitate reasonable conversations about the true meaning of marriage.”

— Mike Sullivan, President of Catholics United for  the Faith (CUF) and
     Publisher of  Emmaus Road Publishing


What People Are Saying About
Catholics for the Common Good

“CCGI works cooperatively with the bishops by organizing and supporting the laity in the fulfillment of their unique secular responsibilities in the mission of the Church—working for just social order that coincides with God’s plan for creation.”

Archbishop George Niederauer (retired)
Archdiocese of San Francisco.

“Catholics for the Common Good is bringing fresh new insights to the application of authentic Catholic social teaching to messaging and strategy on issues related to sexuality, marriage, and family.”

Edward Dolesji,
Executive Director California Catholic Conference

“CCGI’s approach is positive, based on Catholic social teaching and the method of John Paul II. I encourage parishes and individuals within the Diocese of San Diego to learn more about their apostolate. This type of formation and action is essential for promoting the reality of marriage and protecting children and families.

Bishop Robert H. Brom
Diocese of San Diego


[1]Dr. William E. May is a theological advisor to Catholics for the Common Good. His review of the booklet can be read on the Culture of Life Foundation website, where he is a senior fellow. "Rebuilding a Marriage Centered Culture"

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