Sample Letter to Amnesty International

Here is a good letter to Amnesty Internaitonal sent to us by one of our subscribers. Please send your letters in to share. The best ones will be posted.

Dear Amnesty International,

I have long supported the principles of Amnesty International and I have been a life-long supporter of civil rights and equal rights. Over the years I have marched with Cesar Chavez and fought for equality for all minorities, for gender equity and for humane treatment of prisoners and all sorts of similar causes.

Completely inconsistent with the defense of human rights, however, is promoting or defending the abortion process - which is absolutely a contradiction of your position on human rights. Is the growing child within a woman not HUMAN?  If not, what is it? Can you answer this question in any reasonable manner? We certainly don't hold "fetus showers" for pregnant women and we don't celebrate the coming of an appendage or an organ! Abortion by every scientific definition is the termination of a human life. What is another word for "the termination of a human life"? We commonly call it murder. It is most definitely the ultimate violation of human rights!

I realize that many of your supporters would throw a huge fit to hear my remarks. But there is no reasonable defense for your position. If you are going to defend human rights for EVERY individual, for every human life, then you are obliged to change your position. You are completely contradicting your own position.

I ask you to pleased reconsider and, at the very least, return to a policy of neutrality in this issue, rather than support of abortion "rights".

Yours Truly

Napa, CA

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