Physician Assisted Suicide Advocates Fail in California, Move to Other States

Assisted-suicide legislation threatens lives of poor and vulnerable

California Suicide Bill Dies Natural Death

Proponents of Physician -Assisted Suicide Campaign in Four Other States After Failing in California

SAN FRANCISCO, February 13, 2008-- Although advocates of physician-assisted suicide have failed in California with the death of AB 374, they are currently conducting campaigns in four other states. Legalizing physician-assisted suicide anywhere in the US would be of national significance by paving the way to passing similar legislation in other states.

The California bill- AB 374- failed after the proponents were unable to muster enough votes to pass the bill before a legislative deadline. Phone calls and postcards to Assemblymembers from CCG volunteers and others helped seal the fate of the bill.

Although the authors of the bill could still try to introduce a new bill by February 22, it seems highly unlikely that they will pursue any of these options. None of the Assemblymembers who introduced the bill - Patty Berg, Lloyd Levine, and Speaker Fabian Nunez- will be returning to the Assembly for next term.

Campaigns to legalize physician-assisted suicide are currently under way in Arizona, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Washington. So far Oregon is the only state where physician-assisted suicide is permitted.


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