Press Release -- CCG Chair Calls for California Governor to Veto SB 777

September 11, 2007

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SB 777 is a Threat to Free Speech, the Family and Children

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SAN FRANCISCO, September 11, 2007 - Catholics for the Common Good urges Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto SB 777 that passed the Assembly today.

"Despite good intentions, this bill to protect people from discrimination is flawed - it actually creates new forms of discrimination and could lead to censorship," said Catholics for the Common Good Chairman Bill May.

"SB 777 leaves wide latitude for interpretation of what speech, behavior, instruction or activities would be seen to ‘promote a discriminatory bias' against homosexual, bisexual, or transgender people," May stated. "Today, discussing the societal benefits of marriage between a man and a woman, and the vital need of children for a mother and father are being attacked as promoting a discriminatory bias against people embracing homosexual life styles."

"SB 777 is written so vaguely, that perceived threats of lawsuits could even lead to censoring of textbooks and books in school libraries," May asserted.

"If SB 777 becomes law, it will continue to undermine parents' confidence in public schools. Lower confidence will compel more parents to seek educational alternatives for their children - alternatives that protect them from ridicule and social pressure due to their beliefs, and that do not interfere with parental authority. The result would be lower ADA rates and reduced funding for individual public schools, which would impact remaining students."

"Who knows what the consequences would be of deleting the definition of ‘sex' of a child as a biological fact and replacing it with ‘gender,' a subjective term to be determined by the student. The legislature never investigated the cost of accommodating student preferences for lavatory and locker room facilities."

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