PROVIDENCE, April 27, 2011 ( - A top legislative supporter of [redefining marriage to accomodate same-sex couples] in Rhode Island has conceded that there is too much opposition in the state Senate for the state’s [so-called] gay “marriage” bill to pass, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Gordon Fox, the Speaker of the House and an open homosexual, said that the bill redefining marriage didn’t have enough momentum to become law, and that he would therefore sponsor a bill to enshrine in law marriage-like benefits for homosexual couples.

However, the leading homosexualist lobby in the state, Marriage Equality Rhode Island, vowed to oppose any bill that failed to secure a redefinition of marriage to include homosexuals.

The National Organization for Marriage noted the development on its blog Wednesday. “Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to defend marriage in Rhode Island,” NOM wrote.

Rhode Island and Maine are the only two remaining New England states that have not introduced [legislation to redefine marriage to accomodate] same-sex [couples].