Gov Signs SB 48 -- "Gay" Textbook Bill

Governor Ignores Thousands of Phone Calls
CCG Evaluating Next Step

SACRAMENTO, July 14, 2011-- Despite phone calls from people in the CCG network and from thousands of other Californians, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 48, infamously known as the "gay textbook" bill. CCG Chairman, William B. May expressed disappointment and anger "by the willingness of politicians, against all reason, to give in to the power of the "gay rights" lobby to redefine the meaning of love, human sexuality, marriage, and family. SB 48 was by far the most serious of a package of 12 bills being pushed by Equality California and their allies that are geared to impact practically every aspect of California life."

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The following statement was released to the media today:

Today, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 48, a bill that mandates drawing attention to the sexual orientation of “gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual” persons in K – 12 social studies.

“The Governor made a huge mistake," said William B. May. “Politicians should not be co-opting school curricula and writing textbooks to push an ideological agenda, whether it be conservative or liberal.”

“Claims that this bill is needed to reduce bullying against children that are experiencing gender confusion, or take on ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ identities, are absurd. Children must be taught respect for all persons because of their intrinsic value, not because they agree with their behavior or like their characteristics. In fact, reducing people to merely a sexual identity obscures the fact that they are so much more than that.”

Catholics for the Common Good is currently reviewing the situation with a broad group of organizations interested in education and the development of children and discussing options for next steps.

In an email to subscribers, Bill May said, "We are grateful to all who worked so hard in contacting the governor and asking others to join the effort."

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