Special Formation Series on the New Evangelization and the Family

Contemplate with the Bishops on
The New Evangelization
and the
Evangelization of Culture for Marriage and Family

LENT, 2012--Catholics for the Common Good Institute is offering a special formation program for new and existing Stand with Children Faith & Action Circles that will acquaint participants with the current Church thinking about the New Evangelization and how it is connected with the laity’s responsibility for evangelization of culture, particularly as it relates to marriage and family.

Benedict XVI

This year will be very significant for the Church as she prepares for the next world-wide Synod of Bishops in October on the New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith. The Synod will conclude with the beginning of the “Year of Faith,” which was proclaimed by the Holy Father late last year. Synods usually result in a definitive teaching by the Pope on the issue discussed by the bishops.



Text of the 6-part Special Formation Series on the New Evangelization including Faith & Action Circle sample Agenda

Circle Leaders' Guide

The six weekly sessions for group reflection and meditation draw on excerpts from two important documents of the Church.  The first is the Lineamenta, a document issued by an ad hoc Vatican committee for world-wide discernment and consideration by the bishops in preparation for the Synod. The edited excerpts are included to enable Faith & Action Circles to understand some of the latest thinking of the Church on the New Evangelization.

For those who have participated in CCGI trainings, seminars, or Faith & Action Circles, you may be surprised to see how closely the aims, philosophy, and goals of CCGI and Stand with Children are aligned with the current thinking of the Church.
The second document is excerpted from Chapter 5 of the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: The Family, the Vital Cell of Society.  The Compendium, an important book for Catholic homes, was requested by Pope John Paul II and the bishops of the world and was issued by the Pontifical Congregation for Justice and Peace.  This is a document produced for teachers of the faith and as a guide for the laity in fulfilling their secular role in the mission of the Church—the organization of secular society.

These documents are the direct result and consequence of the Second Vatican Council, which posed the question, “How will the Church address the Gospel to a world so changed by world-view, science, and technology?” This is the time for the practical application of the Church’s wisdom to our concrete opportunities and challenges. 

The edited excerpts from each document are presented in tandem for comparison and relate to the New Evangelization with a particular focus on evangelization of culture related to the beauty and centrality of marriage and the family.  Between the excerpts you will find a short commentary illustrating the connection between the two passages and pointing to the main themes of the week’s reading. 

At the beginning of each session (six in total) there are a few reflection questions to prompt personal reflection in reaction to the two documents, which will become the norm for the New Evangelization, especially as concerns marriage and family.  

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