Depriving Children Called "Act of Love"—Action Needed

Infertility Coverage for Lesbians
Fight This Injustice for Children

SAN FRANCISCO, CA June 13, 2013--California Bill AB460, which would prohibit insurance companies from denying infertility coverage to lesbians, has passed the State Assembly and has been assigned to the State Senate Health Committee.  AB460 will be heard by the Senate Health Committee at 1:30PM on June 26, 2013. If you live in the Sacramento area, please put this date on your calendar and attend. A large turnout is very important.

See  CCG's Letter to the
CA Senate Committee on
Health opposing AB 460.

Send your own letter to members of the Senate and letters to the editor.

"Working with the California Catholic Conference, we have adopted a unique strategy which makes your participation critically important," CCG President Bill May wrote members in an email as he urged them to write to their state senators and, appealed to those who you live in the Sacramento area to attend the hearing. See details are below.

"Rather than focusing on whether lesbians should have insurance coverage for 'artificial reproductive technology' (using donated sperm and/or eggs), we are using the opportunity to oppose the bill because it expands an already unjust practice – creating children with the intention of depriving of them of a fundamental human right to know and be cared for by their mother and father."

"When I testified before the Assembly Health Committee on this bill, I looked the committee members in the eye and asked who has a right to deprive a child in that way?" he continued. "'Who has a right to another person? Does anyone have a right to you?'”

"There was noticeable discomfort from a committee that typically just ignores our testimony.  Even though they had the votes to pass the bill, a majority of the democrats in the committee felt compelled to defend their position and speak in support of the bill with claims about lesbians’ rights to have children."

One member, Wesley Chesbro, sought to make this practice analogous to adoption, an absurd claim, and said having a child with a sperm donor was actually an “act of love” because of the difficulty and expense. Unfortunately, the Republicans on the committee remained silent.

What about the child? May told the committee that sperm donor children are coming of age and are starting to speak out about confusion over their identity, feelings of abandonment, and the recognition they have been treated as commodities. At the request of Alana Newman, a sperm donor child, and founder of, CCG had submitted her compelling testimony as a representative of tens of thousands of children experiencing similar feeling after having had their rights violated.

"Members of the legislature have never heard these kinds of arguments before'" May said.  "Most are used to thinking about marriage and family from the position of the adults. Arguments from the perspective of the child are much more difficult to ignore, because people know they are true based on the common human desire to know, to be loved by, and cared for by his or her own mother and father.  It is undeniable. However, members will continue to ignore us or remain silent unless you and your friends start speaking up. Can I count on you?"

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