Ammiano: Children’s Rights “Far Afield” of Gay Rights

AB 460 Moves to Appropriations Committee
Promotes Creation of Fatherless Children

SAN FRANCISCO, July 2, 2013--CCG’s testimony got under the skin of the author of California AB460, a bill that is intended to expand the creation of fatherless children specifically for women in same-sex relationships. The bill passed the State Senate Health Committee in a 7 to 2 party-line vote on June 26. AB460 will now go to the Senate Appropriations Committee to look at the bill’s fiscal impact.

Background on AB460:Depriving Children Called "Act of Love"

See CCG's Letter to Senate Appropriations Committee (also CCG's Letter Health Committee) opposing AB 460.

Send your own letter to members of the Senate and letters to the editor of your local paper.

Catholics for the Common Good’s Teresa Greenman, after citing statistics on the devastating consequences of fatherlessness, asked the committee in her testimony, “Should the state really be sanctioning the creation of more fatherless homes?” She also brought to the committee’s attention that creating children with the intention of depriving them of their fathers “violates a fundamental human rights for every child to know and, as far as possible, be cared for by his or her mom and dad.”  She went on to quote Alana Newman, founder of, who wrote in her letter to the committee, “I suffered from debilitating identity issues…feelings of objectification-like I only existed as a play-toy for others.”

The bill’s author, Tom Ammiano of San Francisco responded by saying “opponents  have gone far afield” by raising questions about the rights of children.  The intent of the bill is to facilitate insurance coverage for woman who experience same-sex attraction who want to have children and can’t qualify for infertility treatment under current insurance plans which they complain is too restrictive. Doctor Mitchell Rosen, who testified in support of the bill, said the absence of an egg or a sperm would be sufficient to make a diagnosis of infertility for people who have taken on gay or lesbian identities.

The AB460 hearing begins at 38:40min. Carol Hogan's testimony is at 46:40, Teresa Greemen 49:00 and Senator Joel Anderson's question is at 52:30.

The California Catholic Conference also provided testimony on the human right of the child. Their representative, Carol Hogan, referenced a recent New York Times article, The Misnomer of ‘Motherless’ Parenting, that presents an honest reflection by a gay parent about the experience of his children who face the reality of being deprived of their mother. Ms. Hogan concluded her testimony be stating that a “child has a right to a mother and father, adults don’t have a right to a child.”

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