Readings on the Eucharist, the Source and Summit of Christian Life

"Every Eucharistic liturgy, every Mass, is a rite in which the participant makes the claim of sharing in the one work of victory and making an effective proclamation of it. The Eucharist does not provide any definite or definitive model of social order. The heavenly Jerusalem will come on the last day and from on high, and the Eucharist works and proclaims the victory that shatters space and time so as to generate time and space for that gift. It works and proclaims the definitive defeat of the plans of dominion of the powers and principalities, opening and indicating a never-stabilized intermediate condition between absolute dominion and anarchic dissolution of social life.”

"The celebration of the Eucharist proclaims and realizes the prohibition of any statalization of the Church and any ecclesiasticization of politics. The pilgrim Church does not found the earthly 'civitas,' but dwells there and by dwelling in it preserves it.”

Luca Diotallevi

Pope Benedict Calls Eucharist 'Antidote' to Modern Ills

The Eucharist and Communion- Pope Benedict XVI

Appreciating the Source and Summit of Christian Life

God is Love- The Eucharist (Video clip)

An Encounter with Christ in the Eucharist

“One has to wonder if the reason why so many fail to believe in the Real Presence in the Eucharist is because they do not have a lived experience of ‘real presence.’ Without an encounter with real presence in our daily lives, the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist becomes an idea, an abstraction. People have no frame of reference for seeing its relevance to their needs.”

Father John Peter Cameron, OP

Appreciating the ‘Source and Summit of Christian Life' by Bishop Paul Sirba












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