Bill Makes CA Complicit in Creating Fatherless Children

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UPDATE: 10/8/2013
Governor Signed into Law

SACRAMENTO, October 8, 2013 -- California Bill AB460, a bill to facilitate lesbians qualifying for insurance coverage when they seek to create children using artificial reproductive technology (ART), has passed both houses of the legislature and has now been signed into law by the Governor. Proponents were able to cover up a major unintended consequence of the bill that the legislators never had a chance to consider and discuss.

The bill's intent is to facilitate the expansion of an existing practice that violates a fundamental human right: the creation of children with the intention of depriving them of knowing and being cared for by their moms or dads or both.


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Depriving a child called "Act of love"

This bill makes the state complicit with women who intend to create fatherless children. It does not pertain just to lesbians who have sponsored this bill, but to any woman who wants to create a child without the entanglement of a relationship with a man.  So by definition, the state becomes complicit in supporting women in the creation of more fatherless children.

Catholics for the Common Good brought this to the attention of the Senate Appropriations Committee as well as associated costs to the state due to the difficulties fatherless children face. The subject was squelched in committee and the legislative staff did not include this in the analysis of the bill before the members of the Senate voted on it. It is important to bring this to the Governor's attention and ask him to veto the bill.

Currently, to qualify for infertility insurance coverage, a person must have a medically observable condition causing infertility or must demonstrate a failure to conceive after a year of uncontracepted sexual relations. The sponsors contend this discriminates against lesbians because it makes it more difficult to qualify.

During the Senate Health Committee hearing, the author’s witness, Dr. Mitchell Rosen confirmed that with the addition of the anti-discriminatory language regarding sexual orientation, and marital and partnership status, the mere absence of a gamete (a sperm or an egg) would be sufficient for a medical diagnosis of infertility. This would apply to any woman.

A study by the California Health Benefits Review Program indicated that infertility insurance coverage does in fact, lead to more children created using sperm and egg donors. The last thing the state needs is more fatherless children.

Government reports[1] show that children in fatherless homes  are at a higher risk of needing state and local government services because they are at a statistically greater risk of delinquency, dropping out of high school, becoming involved with gangs, and ending up pregnant as teenagers. Why do this when we know that children from fatherless homes are 3 times more likely to be incarcerated by age 30 than children with a mother and father? Statistics are indisputable that the absence of a child’s father in the home puts him or her at higher risk. At a time when sociologists are calling for policies to reduce fatherlessness, why should the state be facilitating it?

Some have tried to confuse this issue by arguing that creating children through sperm or egg donation is similar to adoption. Adoption is a different issue that relates to an accommodation for children who have already lost their mothers and fathers.  This bill deals with children who are created with the intention of depriving them of a fundamental human right.

Albeit unintended, the consequence of this bill, facilitating the creation of more fatherless children has fiscal consequences for the state that must be considered. While this fact could have provided justification for a gubernatorial veto, the either did not consider this factor or chose to sign the bill anyway. 

ACTION Completed

Governor Brown signed AB460 into law

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[1] Census reports provide evidence. Statistics were attached to the letter we submitted to the committee.

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