Overturn AB 1266, The CA Co-Ed Bathroom Law

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Redefining Who Can Use The Boys and Girls Restroom

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by William B. May

SAN FRANCISCO, September 23, 2013 -- How would a grown woman feel if a man walked into the women's bathroom? Uncomfortable? Afraid? While such a thing is unthinkable for adults, that is what will be forced on children in elementary and high schools in California by the legislature and Governor Brown if AB 1266, a new law is allowed to take effect.

AB 1266 Referendum "Privacy for All Students" in school restrooms locker rooms and shower rooms

You can help stop this absurd new law from going into effect by signing and circulating petitions to let Californians vote on it in the next election. We are called again to stand with children, who are once again victims of laws to redefine love, sex, marriage and family.

Starting in January, if nothing is done, AB 1266 will force elementary and high schools to permit students to choose which restroom, shower or locker room (girls or boys) they will use based on their “gender identity” rather than their actual sex. It also lets them pick, which sports or other sex-segregated school activities they chose to participate based on whether they feel more like a girl or a boy, no matter what sex they are.

Privacy for All Students, a broad coalition has been organized to overturn this unjust law. There is a process permitted by the state constitution that permits voters to petition to put the law on the ballot to enable them to either accept or reject the measure. As you might expect and common sense would dictate, public opinion polls show strong voter disapproval.

We only have until November 12 to collect about 505,000 signatures. That is a lot, but if we all pitch in and organize friends and fellow parishioners, we can do it. Once enough signatures are submitted to qualify, the law is prohibited from being implemented without voter approval. We are certain if we are able to get enough signatures, it will never take effect.

Obtain Petitions

Download and sign a petition today. Each only has space for two signatures. Petitions for circulation with space for more signatures can be picked up at a growing number of distribution centers around the state or by emailing danielle@privacyforallstudents.com. Note, separate petitions are needed for people residing in different counties. In other words, all signatures on one petition need to be registers voters who live in the same county.  Start new petitions for different counties.

More information and other referendum materials can be found at Privacy for All Students.

Please join us and others across the state to protect the rights and dignity of children to enjoy the privacy they deserve and be free from another law designed to cause confusion about sexuality, which can have devastating consequences for understanding who they are as male or female.

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