Petitions Submitted to Overturn AB 1266, The CA Co-Ed Bathroom Law

ACTION Completed
620,422 signatures

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SAN FRANCISCO, December 2, 2013 -- Thanks to efforts of those circulating petitions to reject the so-called California co-ed bathroom law, more than enough signatures to qualify were submitted to county registrars throughout the state. They are currently being counted.

The new law, AB 1266, permits elementary and high school students to choose which bathrooms, shower rooms or locker facilities that want to use depending on their “gender identity”.

It is outrageous to subject children to situations in which even adults would be uncomfortable.

AB 1266 Referendum "Privacy for All Students" in school restrooms locker rooms and shower rooms

If the required 504,760 signatures are verified by random sample, the law will be prevented from taking effect on January 1, and voters will be able to overturn the legislature and the Governor’s signature in the November 2014 election.

A total of 620,422 signatures were submitted by Privacy for All Students, the referendum campaign, on Sunday, November 11 -- 115,000 more than were needed. Some signatures will no doubt be invalid if they were signed by people who weren’t registered or who had moved. What concerns us is some valid signatures may be disqualified on technicalities. The campaign is working with attorneys to make sure the counting process is fair and accurate.

The only thing to do at this point is to pray that no mischief occurs during the counting process, and an adequate number of signatures will finally be verified.

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