Catholics for the Common Good Vision and Goals for 2014


  1. Continue to influence reframing the marriage debate. We will do this by working with bishops, expanding the placement and publication of educational articles in the media, appearing on talk radio, and distributing educational materials, including videos. Our website will be completely upgraded to make it a more effective educational and organizational tool.  We will include regular “hot topic” emails to our friends and supporters along with quarterly progress reports.


  2. Build a grassroots movement with trained and well-formed Catholic leadership. TV ads and a few national spokespersons won’t get the job done. Catholics for the Common Good is the only organization in the country focused on building a grassroots organization with our formation and training materials, leadership guides, local workshops and regional conferences. This is what has made our opponents so effective at embedding their point of view in classrooms, on school boards, and in workplaces. Evangelization of culture must be done one on one, starting around the family dinner table. We have proven the concept with a functioning pilot program. This needs to be expanded with professional organizers and trainers to recruit and support local networks. We are seeking partnerships with dioceses and all like-minded organizations.

  3. Build a foundation for sustainable growth. Our ability to expand is dependent on sustained support to this apostolate. We have laid a solid foundation on which to build, but developing stable ongoing funding to attract, train and form the very best professional staff we can find is essential.

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