Franciscan University Professor Uses CCG Book for Class

College Students Literally
Getting the Marriage Conversation Right

STEUBENVILLE, OH, July 22, 2014 -- Dr. Gregory Popcak, Franciscan University Sociology Professor, recently mentioned in a radio interview that he uses Getting the Marriage Conversation Right in his "Christianity and Society" class. He says the effect of the book on his students is profound. “I could see light bulbs go [on] over the kid’s heads and suddenly they understood that [protection of marriage] wasn’t about being mean. This is really about making sure children have a mother and a father and why that’s really important.”

Popcak is Founder and Executive Director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute as well as the author of over a dozen popular books integrating solid Catholic theology and counseling psychology. He endorsed CCG's guide for effective dialogue on marriage on EWTN's “Catholic Answers Live” radio program. A caller asked for recommendations of good resources that could be provided to young people to help them sort out the current confusion in our society related to marriage. Dr. Popcak, the featured guest on the program, immediately recommended Getting the Marriage Conversation Right. “I can’t recommend that book highly enough,” said Dr. Popcak.

The book has not only proven to be effective for college students, it is also widely used in adult catechesis programs. In some parishes people have formed, with support from Catholics for the Common Good, faith and action circles or used the booklet in other faith sharing or bible study groups. These study groups focus on learning new ways to express the gospel of marriage to family and friends in language they can understand and verify is true.

Now, the Apostolate for Family Consecration has released a 6 part video companion for the book. See Resources for Evangelization of Culture for Marriage for more information on how to get your copy of Getting the Marriage Conversation Right, the Video Companion to Getting the Marriage Conversation Right, and other marriage evangelization materials.

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