More Evidence Drive for Embryo Destruction of Research Unneeded

SAN FRANCSICO, March 13, 2009 -- Ethicist and Discovery Institute Wesley Smith reported that Geron, the first Company to get FDA permission to test a treatment derived from embryo destruction for spinal cord injury, found that their patients were improving from treatment using adult stem cells before they were able to do their risky experiment. Cells derived from embryos have been know to cause tumors. Adult stem cell are safe and have been used in the treatment of almost eighty diseases.

"Geron's future human trial [using embryonic stem cell technology] made huge news," Smith said. "But a successful human treatment for the same condition has been ignored by the [main stream media]--as was another promising human trial for chronic spinal cord injury reported previously". See his report.

See other examples in Obama Pushes Killing Kind of Stem Cell Research with Taxpayer Funds

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