Saving and Promoting Marriage for Our Children and Society

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Despite the efforts to defend against the redefinition of marriage across the country, a redefined marriage disconnected from the interest of children and the foundation of the family is increasingly becoming accepted in the minds of many, especially the young.

In fact, surveys show that the percentage of high school students who no longer connect marriage with children and families is increasing at an alarming rate. This results in increasing numbers of children being deprived of married mothers and fathers. Currently 40% of children are being born to unmarried mothers with huge society consequences.

It is time for marriage supporters to go on the offense and refocus issues related to marriage and the family on the rights and common interest of every child without exception.

Catholics for the Common Good Institute’s advocate formation, training and organizing project, Stand with Children is building an army to reverse public policies and school curricula that are undermining our children’s understanding of the true meaning of marriage for society and their futures..

Stand with Children, gathers, trains and organizes parents, students, young adults, and others who care about the future of marriage for their families. This program is solely dependent on your generosity. Please make a tax-deductible gift to CCGI today.

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