"Marriage and Children—Reshaping the Dialog to Reflect the Human Reality"

Video -- Manhattan Forum Lecture July 27, 2010

Catholics for the Common Good Chairman, William B. May, presents the Seventh Manattan Forum Lecture in the monthly series that culminated in a day long conference on the Manhattan Declaration on September 18, 2010 in Danville, CA. May who led the Catholic response in the Prop 8 campaign, discusses how to apply the lessons of Prop 8 to rebuilding a marriage culture.

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The threat of enshrining same-sex “marriage” in law is merely the culmination of much more insidious threats that are undermining the understanding of marriage, motherhood, and fatherhood in every family.

Surprisingly, the answer has less to do with homosexuality and related lifestyles, and more to do with confusion that leads many to unwittingly accept false premises. Restoring a marriage culture is not possible without regrounding ourselves in reality and our shared human experience.

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