Corrupting Children's Understanding of Marriage and Family

Vallejo Elementary Schools:
Anti-Marriage Curriculum Starts as Early as Kindergarten
Similar Policies Being Implemented Across the Country

by William B. May

SAN FRANCISCO, December 23, 2010 -- Just two weeks ago, an elementary school board in Vallejo, CA turned away protests by parents and decided that children as early as kindergarten would be forced to watch videos and participate in programs that have the effect of undermining their understanding of love, marriage and the family.

Without the knowledge of parents, this scenario is taking place in schools throughout California and across the country. These are the programs that are shaping the future of marriage in the minds of children. This is the front line in the battle for marriage and should be a call to arms for every Catholic and all people of good will. That is why we are uniting to build an army of trained volunteers committed to take back marriage and family and restore the rights of parents for the education and formation of their children. (Learn more)

Disguised as a mandatory anti-bullying campaign, “Respect for All” as the program is called, presents material that promotes alternative families and tries to normalize same-sex relationships. Why is it so damaging for children to see alternative families as role models? . Every alternative family has children who have been deprived of their mother or father or both, sometimes intentionally. This sends a clear message to children, as early as kindergarten, that mothers and fathers do not matter, and marriage has nothing to do with children and family.

News report on hearing before the Vallejo school board.

One parent held up a crossword puzzle that her nine year old child brought home from school. The clue: “Two women who love each other.” Answer: “Lesbian.” The mother stated that her daughter is nine years old and not ready for this type of material.

This kind of sexualization of love is wrong at any age and will undermine the child's understand of love as self gift and receiving the other as a person of infinite dignity. This undermines the ability of people to form intimate and meaningful relationships later life.1

  • See trailer for the video, "That's a Family" which is used in classrooms for elementary school students. Since alternative families are presented in a way that teaches children that marriage before having children is just one option for the foundation of their own families, it completely disconnects marriage from children and family. Who wants their children to grow up to be single parents or their grandchildren deprived of married mothers and fathers.
  • See trailer for a training video for teachers, "It's Elementary."

It is critical for children to learn the reality of marriage -- that it unites a man and a woman with each other and any children born from their union. However, bowing to pressure from the "gay rights" lobby, school districts are being forced to adopt programs and materials that undermine parents' effort to teach their children the real meaning of love, marriage and the family.

In Vallejo, parents complained about having their rights taken away from them to no avail. African-American parents, as well as a school board member, voiced concerns about the stereotypical and negative portrayal of black people and families in the video. During the hearing, one student complained that the classroom discussion led to “bashing Christians” (see video).

Defend the Children

If we adults are reluctant to discuss issues related to marriage and family for fear of social ostracism or putting our jobs in jeopardy, think about the pressure children come under trying to be faithful to what their parents teach them. Do they put themselves at risk of bullying or ridicule by peers and teachers by being faithful to what their parents have taught them, or do they just give in to cope by accepting that their parents are just old fashion and discriminatory, and adopting a new view of marriage and family that affects the decisions they make later in life? Forcing our children to make this choice cannot be tolerated. It is time to decide to do nothing or to get involved.

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As we are ending one year and beginning another, please recommit yourself to this positive movement to restore marriage to its original value as part of God’s plan for creation. While we have made significant progress with over 40 trainings, workshops and retreats this year, our collective work is just beginning. This is YOUR apostolate for the evangelization of culture for marriage and family.

1 May, William E. Theology of the Body in Context: Genesis and Growth, Chapter 1. Pauline Press. 2010

See report of similar curriculum in Minneapolis, 2008.

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