Ask U.S. House to Take Over Defense of DOMA


Since the President is no longer willing to defend Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) against court challenges, it is critical that the U.S. House take over responsibility for its defense. Please sign a petition-letter today to request that the Speaker take this action and let him know of your ongoing support for preserving DOMA and marriage between a man and a woman.

On February 23, 2011, the Obama administration announced that it was no longer willing to defend legal challenges to DOMA because they feel it is discriminatory to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. (See CCG's response and analysis)

Under the law, if the President is unwilling to defend a duly passed law of the United States, he or she must inform Congress and provide an opportunity for Congress to take over that responsibility. That protects the citizens' right to have the laws of the country defended and prevents the President from undermining laws passed by Congress by not defending them.

The President must continue to enforce DOMA, even though he wants to see it overturned in court or repealed by Congress.

Your support for the continued defense of DOMA by Congress, and that of as many friends and family members as are willing to join you, is critical to the future of marriage in the United States.

Here is what else you can do

1. Ask others to sign the petition by using the tool in the upper right corner of this page. The tool can be used to:

A.  send the article by email to friends or family members, asking them to sign the petition-letter. Try to send it to just 5 people.
B.  post the article on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks to which you may belong. In doing this ask others to join you in signing the petition. Using the tool makes it very easy.

2. Contact your Representive in the House of Representatives. Ask him or her to support the House's involvement in defending legal challenges to DOMA. Let your representative know that this needs to be a priority.

A letter or phone call is most effective, but email would be good as well. (Find your member of Congress and his or her contact information)

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