For Pope John Paul the Great, Doctor of Truth

John Paul the Great, Be Our Advocate
Catholics for the Common Good chair and co-founder offers a unique perspective on what will likely be John Paul the Great’s enduring legacy. It is not yet recognized through the secular view of his life and accomplishments. What is it that compels millions of people to stand in line for 15 to 24 hours to view his remains? Why did youth flock to him like a rock star?

The Death of John Paul II and the Following Spiritual Tsunami
Michele Szekely has written a beautiful reflection on the Pope John Paul II and the tsunami of prayer and good will that is lifting him up and the entire Church right now. This is a period of great grace. (Note that Pope John Paul II made a written request that the laity participate in the selection of his successor through a period of focused prayer in parishes around the world.)

His Greatest Accomplishment
Pope John Paul II has reached out, made a personal connection with and inspired millions of youth around the world like no other religious leader. These young people, the future of the Church, are now taking their place in community leadership, inside and outside the Church, with a strong commitment to moral values and their Catholic faith.

The View from “Ground Zero”
I just got back from spending a couple hours with some of the pilgrims waiting in line to see the Pope. The line of people waiting to see the Pope is quite tremendous, as I am sure you can see on television.