Privacy Policy

In order to join or participate in the benefits of Catholics for the Common Good (CCG) or to receive CCG emails, subscribers are required to disclose email addresses and some personal or demographic information. As users of this site, subscribers agree to provide accurate and truthful information.

CCG will use the information to provide personalized information to the subscriber tailored to his/her interests and location.

All personal information is for the exclusive use of CCG. CCG will not share email addresses or other information on individuals with any third party with the following exceptions.

  1. The subscriber gives express permission to provide their name and contact information to a third party for a specified reason.
  2. CCG aggregates information on subscribers in a way that no information can be identified with any individual. Such information might be used for such things as fundraising, PR, advocacy and advertising.
  3. From time to time site visitors will be asked to sign petitions or joint letters expressing views and positions on specific issues. In those cases, the addressees for the petitions or letters will receive the name and zip codes for all signatories who opt to participate. Email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers will never be disclosed.

If a subscriber provides personal information to a non-affiliated website that may be linked to CCG websites, CCG cannot be responsible for how the third party uses the information. Nor can CCG be responsible for any information that is sent to the subscriber by such a third party.

If a subscriber wishes unsubscribe from CCG he/she should advise At that time, CCG will use its best efforts to remove the subscriber’s information from the CCG database or from any active email or other contact lists.

CCG may change this privacy policy at any time.

Youth Subscribers

High school aged children (14 and above) are invited to register and participate with CCG and it activities. CCG will provide a good opportunity for youths to learn how the social teachings of the Catholic Church deal with the concerns on which CCG focuses. Their witness of faith on current issues is very important.

Understandably some of the current social concerns deal with controversial issues relating to destruction of life, homosexuality, pornography, and human sex trafficking, some of which involves the exploitation of children. We encourage parents to familiarize themselves with this content so that they can provide appropriate support and guidance for their children.