Introducing Catholics for the Common Good

A New Catholic Action

“As lay men and women . . . you are being called by Christ to sanctify the world and to transform it.”

~Pope John Paul II
Ecclesia in America

Catholics for the Common Good is a new Catholic Action responding to the call of the Pope John Paul II for the new evangelization and the U.S. Bishops for faithful citizenship.

Since its founding in early 2003, members of Catholics for the Common Good (CCG) have demonstrated that, working together, they can create a voice that is heard in their communities and across the country.

It is a voice that gives hope and encourages others to join the chorus for a conversion of culture.

It is a voice that seeks justice, respect and dignity for every human person at every stage and condition of life: the weak, the poor, the sick, the unborn, the young and the elderly.

It is a voice that supports and protects marriage and the family, the foundation of our society and a source of hope for the future. As the first church, the first school and the first hospital for our youngest and most vulnerable, the family must be protected and supported by the community without interference.

We are therefore pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom and pro-poor.

We strive for a better understanding of the social teachings of the Catholic Church so that we advocate clearly moral truth informed by faith and to develop the right heart to advocate truth and public policies with charity.

It was with this in mind that a group of our members organized a marriage prayer rally in April 2004, in San Francisco, CA to witness to the truth regarding marriage between a man and a woman. Weeks prior, the City’s mayor had violated state law by marrying same-sex couples at City Hall. San Francisco’s Archbishop, William Levada was the only religious leader in the city to voice an objection with a written statement. As faithful Catholics, we were compelled to stand with Christ and His Church.

What happened next is one of the things that differentiates Catholics for the Common Good from other organizations. The members prayerfully turned to the teachings of the Church on marriage and the family, and on the pastoral care of homosexual persons for guidance. There was recognition that to be authentically Catholic, the members would need to create the right heart to assure that the concern was addressed with faith and charity. Through discussion and prayer, real conversion took place.

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