Schwarzenegger Vetoes “Same-Sex Marriage” Bill

By Bill May

California and the nation dodged a huge bullet when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the “same-sex marriage” legislation on September 30, 2005, that the legislature had put on his desk earlier in the month. The fact that such legislation could pass any legislative chamber in the country is a shock and should have been a wake-up call.

Certainly there were unique political factors that made passage possible in California. While all of the backroom maneuvering and trickery was going on, most Californians were unaware as there was little media coverage. Public debate was absent. It is doubtful that the pro-family members of the United Farm Workers Union had any idea about the implications of their union’s endorsement of “same-sex marriage,” something that no doubt had Caesar Chavez rolling over in his grave.

If California had a governor who would have signed it in the law, this legislation would have had national implications considering the strident homosexual interest groups tactic of mounting state-by-state court challenges They know that this incremental approach will weaken public resolve and foster acceptance of the inevitability of something that is irrational and should be unthinkable. It is critical for America to mobilize in a renewed effort to protect marriage and the family through education and action.

Bill May is Chairman and co-founder of Catholics for the Common Good.

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