Social Concerns

Here are some examples of issues that fall within the four areas of social concerns that are our focus:

Concern for Human Life

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia and assisted suicide
  • Cloning and protection of embryos
  • Genocide

Concern for Marriage, Family, and Children

  • Protection of marriage, and the family
  • Same-sex unions
  • Parental school choice
  • Objectionable curriculum content
  • Parental notification or consent for minors
  • Pornography

Concern for Human Rights and Freedom

  • Religious discrimination / freedom of religious expression
  • Abuse of “separation of church and state”
  • Human trafficking
  • Racism
  • Woman’s right to know
  • Coerced sterilization or abortion
  • Human exploitation for research

Concern for the Poor and Vulnerable

  • Human rights for undocumented workers
  • Extreme poverty
  • Support for families needing assistance
  • Support for individuals needing assistance