Meditation: Reality

Meditation: Reality

If man fails to recognize his creator’s unique authority over him, he will very quickly lose his liberty. He will invent myths and pseudo-divinities for himself, prostrate himself before other powers and no longer be his real self. There is only one power that can impose himself on the whole of creation without violating any part of it: the power by which creation itself exists in the fullness of its liberty. As soon as man no longer recognizes this power or fails to discover it, other powers, existent or nonexistent enter into play. For man feels the need of giving himself a master so as not to be tormented by the emptiness and vagueness of a condition that opens everything up before him but does not point out his way, leaving him in indecision and ignorance.

Wherever man is no longer under the domination of his creator, or, rather wherever man does not know his master, he invents for himself powers that are different from the Almighty … There is only one way by which man can discover his liberty and live by it, and that is to remain in the hands of him who brought him into being and who only enslaves him to something else out of his good pleasure as creator. It is a good pleasure that has nothing gratuitous, whimsical, or sadistic about it, since it is creative and hence sets man in the context of the real reason for his existence and not of those elements which would subject him to some other power than God, his creator.

Fr. Dominique Barthélemy, O.P.

Father Barthélemy was a professor of Sacred Scripture at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

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