Entering the Door of Faith During the Triduum

 by William B. May 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 28, 2013 --Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter for the Year of Faith written prior to his pontificate has a profound message of hope for us to reflect upon during this Easter Triduum.  Our Holy Father challenges us to approach our faith with humility and a child-like confidence in the Lord andCatholics for the Common Good All Saints says “Crossing this threshold of the faith supposes that we'll not be ashamed to have the heart of a child who, because he still believes in impossible things, can still live in hope, which is the only thing capable of giving sense to and transforming history. It means asking unceasingly, praying without weakening and adoring so that our vision may be transfigured.”

Because of the cultural confusion, as I discussed in my booklet, to understand and to be able to communicate the reality of marriage as an integral part of God’s plan for creation so others can understand, we must have the humility to see it from the perspective of the child within us (Luke 10:21).

Pope Francis reminds us that by “crossing the threshold of faith,” we are able to triumphantly face the challenges within our culture that undermine the dignity of the human person.  “Crossing the threshold of the faith demands that we struggle for liberty and life together with others even when the ambient drags its feet, in the certainty that the Lord asks of us to live justly, love goodness and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8).”  The genesis of transformation for our culture is found first in our own personal metanioa (conversion of heart) in becoming living examples of faith, hope and charity.

The Easter Triduum is a time for conversion by deepening of our faith in Jesus Christ and Pope Francis reminds us that conversion begins within ourselves.  He says, “Crossing the threshold of the faith bears deeply within it the continued conversion of our attitudes, modes and tones with which we live. It demands a reformulation, not a patching up or a varnishing. It means accepting the new form that Jesus Christ prints on him who is touched by His hand and his Gospel of life.”

We must witness by our lives the loving mercy of Jesus Christ and see everyone in the world around us as brothers and sisters whom we desire to be in Heaven with the Lord.  The Holy Father says, "Crossing the threshold of the faith leads us to forgiving and to know how to break into a smile. It means approaching every person who lives on the edge of existence and to call him by name."

The Easter Triduum is an opportunity for us to change the world by first changing ourselves.  In changing ourselves, we can be living witnesses of Jesus Christ and love one another as Jesus loves us.  The closer we become to Christ, the more we have the ability to love as He loves, to forgive as He forgives and to draw others to His loving mercy in charity and love.

May you have a Blessed Easter and please pray for Catholics for the Common Good asking the intercession of Our Lady Guadalupe to guide us closer to her Divine Son.
William B. May is President of Catholics for the Common Good and Author of "Getting the Marriage Conversation Right."

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