Basic Organization of Faith and Action Circles

Every circle should have a moderator and a liaison with the Stand with Children Network.

Moderator: The moderator’s role is to guide the Faith and Action Circle meetings, coordinate decisions on meeting times and logistics, make sure participants have necessary materials, and confirm that everyone is informed about the content, time, and location of the next meeting. No formal training is required for this position.

Liaison: The liaison coordinates with the parish leader or the assigned county co-chair to stay informed of local activities supporting marriage and building the movement. The liaison will also provide information on development of issues and action related to marriage and family provided by either local leaders or through the Catholics for the Common Good Website,

Common Fund: Each circle may decide to establish a “common fund” comprised of periodic voluntary donations. This is a tradition practiced by the early Christians as mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles and St. Paul’s letters. The proceeds could be used for materials, social expenditures, or other needs as determined by the members of the circle. One person should be appointed for this responsibility.

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