Materials for Faith and Action Circles

Formation Texts for Evangelization of Culture

The following texts can be used for contemplation and reflection on evangelization of culture with your faith sharing or family formation group, or a Faith and Action Circle organized with friends or members of your organization

  1. Getting the Marriage Conversation Right, A Guide for Effective Dialogue, by William B. May: This text will provide an introduction to reality based thinking as an antidote to how relativism and influences of the culture cause us to unwittingly accept false premises about marriage, family and relationships between parent and child. It also provides a positive way of thinking about and presenting the reality of marriage in addressing current public policy about the redefinition of marriage. A guide for covering the book over six sessions although some groups may wish to do it over eight sessions to allow more time for reflecting and practicing on the 41 frequently asked questions at the end. (Study and reflection guide) (order individual copies here, or for quantity discounts   or for orders over 50 call 415 738-2324.)
  1. The Work of the Evangelization of Culture for Marriage and Family, a two part series for new participants or for continuing after Getting the Marriage Conversation Right. (Session 1, Uniting in Christ for Evangelization of Culture, Session 2 Reality, the Antidote for Relativism) (Download free copy)
  2. Man Woman and the Mystery of Love, by Edward Sri. This book is based on Karol Wojtyla's (Blessed John Paul II) Love and Responsibility, which provides insight that are life changing and  foundational to the evangelization of culture for marriage and family. With a focus on love, sexuality, true friendship, relationships, this book help people understand how perceptions in the culture undermine relationships and defeat the quest for love and intimacy leading to marriage. It is a how-to guide for single people and an examination of conscience for married couples. (Order copies)

Other Materials for Faith and Action Circles

  1. Thinking with the Church about the New Evangelization and the Evangelization of Culture for Marriage and Family. Originally prepared as a Lenten program in 2012, this 6 part series draws on the preparatory document provided to bishops for the synod on the New Evangelization and excerpts from the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church on the Family.      
  2. Theology of the Body in Context by CCG theological advisor,  Dr. William E. May,[1] professor emeritus, John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. A challenging but rewarding text, this book summarizes all of Pope John Paul II's major works on marriage and family in the context of his seminal work, Theology of the Body (including Familaris Consortio, Mulieris Dignitatem, Letter to Families, and the Theology of the Body itself). Offered by CCG at  $12.95 ($4 Discount) each, plus tax, shipping and handling.         

Preparation Materials for Faith and Action Circles

Faith and Action Circle Meeting Leadership Guide

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Faith and Action Circles —Getting Started

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[1] Dr. William E. May is emeritus Michael J. McGiveny Professor of Moral Theology at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family. He is no relation to William B. May, chairman of Catholics for the Common Good.


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