Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia

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Three Children Euthanized
Past Two Years in Belgium
BRUSSELS, July 25, 2018 -- A recent government report revealed that in 2016 and 2017, three minors were euthanized in Belgium, amid a profound rise in the number of individuals legally procuring their own deaths.

Judge Rules Unconstitutional
California’s Assisted Suicide Law 
NAPA, CA, May 15, 2018  — A California judge overturned the state’s assisted suicide law this morning, ruling that the legislature acted outside the scope of its authority when it enacted the End of Life Option Act.

Death of St JosephWhat is Dying Well?
It Ain't Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia
You've got questions (about death)? The Church has answers.
LONDON, ENGLAND, November 2, 2016 -- In the 14th century, approximately one third of the population of Europe - or anywhere from 75 million to 200 million people - was wiped out due to what became known as the Black Death. 

Support Referendum to
Repeal CA Assisted Suicide
LOS ANGELES, November 9, 2015,  In excess of one million signature forms are now being distributed to thousands of volunteers from all walks of life. 

Think the Human Person is
Nothing Special?
Think Again, Says Archbishop
KANSAS CITY, KS, August 5, 2015 -- Too many social trends treat the human person as nothing sacred, but Catholic pro-life efforts are part of an effort to change that, Los Angeles’ Archbishop Jose Gomez said last Wednesday.


Assisted Suicide Featured on Dr. Oz Show
Make a Statement Against Assisted Suicide
Let's Dr. Oz Know Where You Stand
LOS ANGELES, November 1, 2011-- Today's Dr. OZ show is featuring the subject of doctor assisted suicide. Our thanks goes to Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition,and the Californians Against Assisted Suicide for bringing this to our attention.

Bishops Approve Physician-Assisted Suicide Statement; Call on Catholics to Support the Dying, Ensure Their Legal Protection 
WASHINGTON, DC, June 16, 2011 -- The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) approved a policy statement on physician-assisted suicide at its Spring General Assembly in Seattle on June 16. The statement, To Live Each Day with Dignity, passed with a vote of 191-1. It marks the first time the full body of bishops has issued a statement devoted to this issue.<--break->

Bishop Vasa Santa Rosa

Bishop Vasa to doctors:
Faith trumps supposed medical norms
KANSAS CITY, Kansas, February 16, 2011 – Medical professionals are called to follow Christ courageously in their practice even where it might seem ridiculous to mainstream medicine, said Bishop Robert Vasa in a homily at a White Mass in Kansas City on Saturday.

Belgian Doctors Harvesting Organs from Disabled Euthanasia Donors
BELGIUM, January 26, 2011  – Belgian doctors are not only harvesting organs from disabled euthanasia donors, but are publicly advocating the practice and setting down guidelines for it.

New Study Shows:
It Takes a Long Time to Starve a Severely Disabled Infant to Death

MONTREAL, CANADA, October 21, 2010 -- MedScape Medical News reports, "Neonatal survival after withdrawal of artificial hydration and nutrition can last up to 26 days, according to a case series presented here at the 18th International Congress on Palliative Care. They reported that researcher, Hal Siden, MD, from Canuck Place Children's Hospice in Vancouver, British Columbia cautioned those attending that, "Although physical distress is not apparent in the infants, the psychological distress of parents and clinicians builds with the length of survival."

CT Court Protects Vulnerable from Assisted Suicide
Medical Suicide Ramifications and Law Reserved for the Legislature

HARTFORD,CT, June 10, 2010 -- On Tuesday, a superior court in Connecticut dismissed an attempt by Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) to overturn a law banning assisted suicide in that state. In Connecticut, it is a form of manslaughter to assist someone in ending their life.

Over 30% of Euthanasia Cases in Belgian Region Did Not Give Consent
Most Hoping for a cure at the Time

ROME, May 19, 2010 -– In one region of Belgium, over 30 percent of reported euthanasia cases were carried out without the consent of the patient, a study has found. At the same time, the overall number of official reported deaths by euthanasia are dramatically increasing in the country since the practice was legalized in 2002, with 40 per cent more cases reported for 2009 than the previous year.

New US Bishops Bioethical Statements
Reproductive Technologies and Nutrition and Hydration

BALTIMORE, MD, November 17, 2009 - In addition to the Pastoral Letter on marriage, the Bishops approved an important document on reproductive technologies, “Life-Giving Love in an Age of Technology,” which addresses Catholic teaching on a range of infertility treatments including in vitro fertilization, embryo adoption, sperm and egg donation and surrogacy and offered recommendations for approved therapeutic means that help a couple conceive. The Catholic Key Blog reported that like the recent Vatican document Dignitas Personae, it raised serious moral concerns about "embryo adoption" without definitively ruling it out as a legitimate option for couples.

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