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Oral Arguments on DC Marriage Case
DC Citizens Denied Right to Vote on Marriage Definition
"It Would Be Discriminatory to Permit a Vote"

WASHINGTON, DC, May 3, 2010 -- Tomorrow morning, May 4, the highest court in Washington, DC will hear an appeal for the rights of citizens in our nation’s capital to vote on the definition of marriage. When a citizens group, Stand4MarriageDC, led by Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr, submitted a petition to define marriage through the initiative process, the District’s Board of Elections ruled that it was discriminatory under the Human Rights Act to even let people vote on the definition of marriage. In the interim, the City Council redefined marriage clearing the way for same-sex marriages effective March 3, 2010.

Marriage is Focus for 2010 Catechetical Sunday
The US Bishops have announced that the 2010 theme for Catechetical Sunday will be "Matrimony: Sacrament of Enduring Love". Catechetical Sunday will be September 19. Materials for that special Sunday will be posted as they are developed at

U.S. Senate Rejects Measure to Force D.C. Initiative on Marriage
Court Battle Continues for Right of D.C. Voters to Define Marriage

WASHINGTON, DC, March 25, 2010 --  At around 1:30am last night, the U.S. Senate voted down an amendment offered by Senator Bennett that would suspend the issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples in D.C. until a referendum or initiative is held.

Prospects for Marriage and the Family in the Current Legal Environment
Video-- Manhattan Forum Lecture Series, March 13, 2010
Catholics for the Common Good Senior Fellow, Ernest Pierucci,explores the arguments that contest or uphold the status of marriage as between a man and a woman in the Third Lecture in the Manhattan Forum Series presented by the Saint Anthony of Padua Institute on March 13, 2010.

California Therapist Association Forced to Change Family Views
Buckles Under Presure from Gay 'Marriage' Activists

SAN DIEGO, California, March 15, 2010 – Abandoning its long-held neutrality on the marriage debate, the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) has slowly come to disavow pro-family views and sexual orientation therapy as "homophobic." Instead it now warmly supports homosexuality as a "normal and positive" variant of sexuality - all thanks to pressure by gay activists who have openly vowed to transform the organization from within.

D.C. Catholic Charities Forced to Cut Health Benefits
Far-Reaching Consequences of Same-Sex "Marriage"
Time for Catholics to Go on the Offense

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 2, 2010 -- The new same-sex "marriage" law in Washington, D.C., taking effect on Wednesday, March 3, has created another consequence for Catholic Charities. It has forced Catholic Charities to drop healthcare benefits for spouses of its employees in order to protect its freedom of religious expression and its ability to provide services to the poor. Under the new law, Catholic Charities would be compelled to extend benefits to same-sex "spouses" of its employees if it extended spousal benefits at all. The changes in coverage will apply only to new employees and employees that are currently single or are married but have not previously opted for spousal medical insurance coverage.

The Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop of Oakland, Episcopal Advisor to Catholics for the Common Good

Manhattan Declaration: Turning Point in History
New Ecumenical Moment

In his Lenten message for this year, Pope Benedict XVI focuses on the theme of justice. He reminds us that there can be no true justice without God, that is, without human beings recognizing their need for God and that only God can give us what we ultimately need.

Cardinal George:
Mormons, Catholics Must Defend Religious Freedom

PROVO, UT, February 23, 2010 -- The fight to defend moral principles is linking Mormons and Catholics like never before. "In recent years, Catholics and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have stood more frequently side by side in the public square to defend human life and dignity,"  Francis Cardinal George told nearly 12,000 students, faculty and community members gathered Tuesday at BYU.

Redefined “Marriage” Drives D.C. Church Out of Adoption Services
Legal Wrangling Continues Over Rights of Voters

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 25 -- The Washington, D.C. Archdiocese has announced that, after 80 years of service, Catholic Charities ceased providing foster care and adoption services within the District effective February 1. A new law redefining marriage to accomodate same-sex couples taking effect on March 3 prohibits any organization providing services in the District from treating same-sex couples differently than married men and women. The D.C. City Council refused to make an exception for religious groups that provide services, forcing the current decision.

Ron Prentice Executive Director
Ron Prentice


Prayers / Oracións

California Marriage Trial
Testimony Concludes-Battle Just Beginning
SAN FRANCISCO, January 29, 2010 -- With the courtroom testimony of the trial for marriage completed, there will be much more to come before Chief U.S. Federal District Judge Vaughn Walker actually renders a decision. Ron Prentice, Chairman and Executive Director of has provided some analysis and  a glimpse of the long road ahead.

Marriage Trial Update Blog


Marriage and Prop 8 Go On Trial in San Francisco
National Call for Prayer and Fasting
Trial Could Determine Future of Marriage in U.S.

Chief U.S. District Judge, Vaughn Walker

SAN FRANCISCO, January 8, 2010 -- The greatest threat against Prop 8 and traditional marriage so far is a trial, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, that starts in Federal District Court in San Francisco on Monday, January 11. It is not only an attack on the initiative passed by voters last year, but an attack on the supporters themselves. Plaintiffs claim that there is no rational reason to preserve marriage as between a man and a woman except hatred or bigotry. This case will likely go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and has the potential of forcing same-sex “marriage” not only on California, but on the entire nation. General Counsel, Andrew Pugno, and candidate  for assembly

Marriage and the People of California Go on Trial
Next Monday, January 11, 2010, a trial will begin in the San Francisco courtroom of Judge Vaughn Walker in the federal case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. The Perry case is about Proposition 8 which restored the traditional definition of marriage in California, to be sure, but it is also about much more.

Pope Benedict XVI

Holy Family Sunday Message
Safeguard the Family Founded on Marriage

VATICAN CITY, December 27, 2009 (VIS) - Before praying the Angelus on this Sunday of the Holy Family, the Pope reminded the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square that "God wished to reveal Himself by being born in a human family, and hence the human family has become an icon of God.

Catholics for the Common Good Stand for Marriage Maine,

Marriage Restored in Maine
Voters Rebuke Governor, Legislature
Same-Sex "Marriage" Rejected

AUGUSTA, ME, November 2, 2009 – Tonight was a great victory for the people of Maine as Question One, the ballot measure to restore the definition of traditional marriage, passed with a comfortable margin. With 87% of precincts reporting, the measure was passing 52.7% to 47.3%.

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