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New Study:
Children Raised by Homosexual Parents More Likely to Identify as Gay

MANHATTAN, Kansas, October 25, 2010  -- A study due out next month has found that children raised by homosexual parents are far more likely to identify as homosexual themselves.

CA Victory for Marriage -- SB 906 Vetoed
Your Petitions Delivered Last Friday
Governor Vetoed Anti-Marriage Bill
SACRAMENTO, October 1, 2010 -- At the final deadline for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign or veto bills from this legislative session, he surprised us by vetoing SB 906, the “Trojan Horse” marriage bill sponsored by organizations working to undermine Prop 8 and marriage between a man and a woman.

Poverty --  The High Cost of Marriage Breakdown
ROME, September. 26, 2010 - The U.S. Census Bureau released the latest figures on income and poverty on Sept. 16. According to the report the official U.S. poverty rate in 2009 was 14.3%, up from 13.2% in 2008. In raw numbers this adds up to 43.6 million people in poverty in 2009, compared to 39.8 million in 2008.

NY Gov. Signs Bill Allowing “Unmarried” Partners to Adopt
ALBANY, NY, September 22, 2010 – New York will now allow unmarried partners – heterosexual and homosexual – to adopt a child together under new legislation signed into law on Sunday by Gov. David Paterson. The measure also allows same-sex couples with marriage licenses from other states to adopt children as well.

Florida Appeals Court Rejects Homosexual Adoption Ban
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, September 22, 2010 – The Florida Third District Court of Appeal has ruled that Florida’s 33-year-old law preventing homosexual couples from adopting violates the equal protection clause of the state constitution.

"Marriage and Children—Reshaping the Dialog to Reflect the Human Reality"
Video -- Manhattan Forum Lecture July 27, 2010

Catholics for the Common Good Chairman, William B. May, presents the Seventh Manattan Forum Lecture in the monthly series that culminated in a day long conference on the Manhattan Declaration on September 18, 2010 in Danville, CA. May who led the Catholic response in the Prop 8 campaign, discusses how to apply the lessons of Prop 8 to rebuilding a marriage culture.


Sign Petition: Stop Latest Attempt to Undermine Prop 8
Demand Veto of California “Trojan Horse” Marriage Bill
 SACRAMENTO, September 1, 2010 – The California legislature has sent to the Governor's desk SB 906, a Trojan horse marriage bill designed to help undermine Prop 8. Join thousands of California voters by signing a petition to send a strong message for the Governor to veto this latest slap at the more than 7 million voters who passed the initiative to define marriage between a man and a woman in November 2008.

"Catholic" Group Organizes to
Challenges Church Teaching on Homosexuality

WASHINGTON, August 23, 2010 - A cadre of homosexualist activists are preparing to launch a new group, Catholics for Equality, whose self-proclaimed mission is to lead lay Catholics away from the institutional Church's teaching on sexuality and encourage support for homosexual "marriage."

SB 906 Passes Assembly 51 to 26
Moves to Senate then to Governor's Desk
SACRAMENTO, August 19, 2010—SB 906, the Trojan Horse marriage bill, passed the CA State Assembly August 19 with 51 votes. CCG opposed this bill (see details).The affirmative votes included those of two Republicans—Sam Blakeslee of San Louis Obispo and Nathan Fletcher of San Diego. Two Assemblymembers abstained from voting, both Democrats—Wilmer Carter of Rialto and Cathleen Galgiani of Tracy.


Ninth Circuit Court Halts CA Same-Sex "Marriage"
Stay Granted Pending Appeal of Prop 8 Decision

SAN FRANCISCO, August 16, 2010  -- This afternoon, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted a request by Prop 8 proponents to stay U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker’s order that same-sex "marriage" could begin on August 18. The Appeals Court is thereby upholding the vote  of 7 million Californians while the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case is  heard on appeal.

Prop 8 Trial Decision is Radical, But Instructive
Walker Overreaches in Claiming Cal Voters Irrational

SAN FRANCISCO, August 5, 2010(revised), -- On Wednesday, August 4, Federal Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8 and the decision of more than 7 million California voters who passed it in 2008.  He did this in a most radical way claiming that there is no possible rationale or unique value for an institution that unites a man and a woman with each other and any children who come from the union. 

"Eggsploitation" Reveals the Infertility Industry’s Dirty Little Secret
Hidden Dangers, Health Risks, and Exploitation of Young Women

NEW YORK, July 28, 2010 – The infertility industry has a dirty little secret that is dressed in deceptive advertising, large monetary incentives and appeals to altruism. Using these tactics, the industry targets young, vulnerable women for a precious commodity: human eggs. Eggsploitation, a new documentary released today by The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, is a tragic spotlight on the booming and risky business of selling eggs, and reveals the health risks and exploitation of women through egg donation.


ABA Considers Resolution to Redefine Marriage
Appeals to States: Clear Barriers to Same-Sex "Marriage"
Ask Lawyers to Write to Bar Association
SAN FRANCISCO, July 16, 2010 -- When it meets for its annual convention in San Francisco, August 5 - 10, 2010, the American Bar Association will be considering a resolution appealing for the redefinition of marriage at the state level .

Study: Divorce Spreads Through Social Networks
SANTA BARBARA, CA, June 29, 2010 - A study published by the Social Science Research Network has found that likelihood of divorce is influenced by the social network in which a person is involved.

Closing Arguments Frame the Issues in Trial to Overturn Prop 8
Case Goes to the Judge
Decision Pending on Future of Marriage

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2010 – The message delivered to Federal District Judge Vaughn Walker by Prop 8 proponents during the closing arguments at the trial to redefine marriage in San Francisco was clear. The voters have overwhelming authority and rational reasons for defining marriage between a man and a woman. The voters’ decision to pass Prop 8 cannot be overturned unless the plaintiffs negate every single claim of state interest for promoting the uniquely pervasive institution that channels procreative activity into a stable relationship.

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